Something that makes wattpad reader lost interest with a story



Im really curious about something that makes wattpad readers lost interest with a story :thinking:


I think there’s some answers in this other thread as far as what ‘breaks’ a work for readers:


These make me personally lose interest:

  • Lowercase intended stories
  • Bad boy / good girl / nerd stories
  • Poorly designed cover
  • Bad grammar
  • Cliches
  • Begging for reads/votes/comments in the author’s note. I don’t mean the simple “Vote if you enjoyed”, I mean the “If this doesn’t get 20 likes I’m not updating” type.
  • Nothing important happening for multiple chapters


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  • Cliches.

I used to be a big fan of them when I started out as a teenager, but now that I’m older and have better writing skills, I can’t stand cliches. The only times when I like it is when it’s written differently than others like being realistic and having a lot of twists and turns.

  • Lowercase stories.

I have never considered it as a “style.” I consider this lazy writing, to be honest.

  • Bad grammar and punctuation.

I’m fine with a couple errors here and there. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s not professional work anyway. However, I draw the line when there are errors everywhere. And don’t get me started on dialogue punctuation. I get it, every country is different when it comes to this, but it just annoys me when I see:

  1. apostrophes as quotation marks: ‘Hi, how can I help you?’

  2. periods where a comma should go near dialogue tags… “Hi there.” Said Sarah.

  3. commas where a period should go near narration… “Hi there,” he slammed his foot on the brake.

  4. or worst of all, no periods or commas anywhere, even in dialogue: “I love you” mom said


  • When the writer over describes or lacks description.

I understand perfectly on how it’s hard to find a balance or even if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to actually write it well, because I’ve been there (and sometimes, I’m still there) and so has everyone else. And I’m okay when there’s at least details describing different things and it’s not as bad, but… honestly? It does take me out of the story if you’re over describing everything or the opposite, hardly describing anything.

  • Dialogue stories.

I hate these with a passion. It’s a book. Not a comic book. A book. Supposedly, a novel. Or something like that (short story, novelette, novella… whatever). But books have details. If all I read is dialogue, how am I supposed to know what they’re doing? What actions and reactions they make? What thoughts they have? How they feel? As a writer, you’re supposed to help me get immersed into the story by showing these things. If all I read is dialogue, I’m not gonna know anything, and therefore, I’m pulled out of the story.

  • No realism.

If the book is contemporary and it shows something that is based off real life, we can tell if you did your research… or not. If something happens, it needs to sound realistic. So for example, I’ve seen stories where the parents aren’t visible in the story. They’re always away or they just don’t care about their teenage son or daughter. Even though they’re portrayed as loving and caring parents. Now, I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t it be unrealistic to show this? Because most loving and caring parents are up in their kids’ grills, you know? They’re saying “no” to them, knowing where they’re going or doing, and whatnot. Of course, some parents can be laidback, but that doesn’t mean you’re able to go off and do whatever you wish with no consequences. “Laidback” can mean different things like how you don’t have to check in on them every hour. “Laidback” can mean how you don’t have a specific curfew, as long as you get home before midnight. You know?

  • Romanticizing harmful things.

I really hate books where the main character thinks abuse and rape are romantic or stories where the chick falls in love with her kidnapper. I seriously worry about these authors.

I guess there’s more, but I’ll leave it there for now. :wink:


To be fair, the single quote marks are more common and even correct in some regions/languages and computer keyboard’s use the same key for apostrophe and single quote it’s only in software that there may be a difference between the straight, curly and angled characters.


Unrealism. Unnecessary and excessive violence. Too much graphic detail… I think the one most disappointing to me was when I was reading a good story and the author started a conversation with their character within the story… As in saying its me the author of the story… And they had a chat… and I was like… what? It just disturbed the flow and I was enjoying the book that far… It just wasn’t my cup of tea so I stopped reading… Also when its too much of tear jerking stuff and no light I had to stop reading… It was too much. Gave author feedback on it and no change… I think too much sadness is fine as long as we get some light too. Some happy time… Some books are tear jerkers from beginning to end… Life realistically has some bad days and good days… they just wrote bad days.


Agree! Romanticizing these kind of topics has the potential of putting easily influenced readers (especially with the number of young readers on Wattpad) at risk in real life. Granted, readers (no matter what age) need to think for themselves and should develop skills to distinguish between real life and fantasy/freedom of speech–but that doesn’t excuse writers from their contribution to the glamorization of abuse in our society/culture.


Also continuing from what @AliciaM21 posted about romanticizing harmful things, have either of you watched the Youtube channel Pop Culture Detective? Some of the videos are about how we can identify and (hopefully?) avoid these tropes. I think a fairly recent one was on Abduction as Romance. There was one on Born Sexy Yesterday.

We see it in Wattpad stories, but some of the same behaviors exist in major Hollywood (not only Hollywood) releases, which sadly means the tropes are in the mainstream and perpetuating the idea that these behaviors can be associated with heroes or romantic leads.


I’m weird.

I was a fan of this one trilogy romance (won’t say the title) the character development was good, the pace, the plot was kinda cliche but the author handled that well so I ended up liking it.

But, in the middle of the third story of the trilogy, the author put this scene: A DAMN GIRL ON AUCTION AND TWO MEN FIGHT FOR THE HIGHEST BID

Why. . .

closes the story

deletes it from the library and reading list

unfollows the author


I agree too. Abuse is abuse and shouldn’t be portrayed in an inappropriate way.


My goodness I agree… I think I have been lucky some titles had that kind of thing in it and I stayed away… It makes me uncomfortable


Very, and why girls think that guys put them on high bid is flattering. If my boyfriend ever think of ‘rent’ me or ‘buy’ me whether for a cent or a billion dollars. . . I will throw a chair at him

Now that’s a nice plot, I’ll make a scene where the boy don’t want to put any bid on the girl lol


For me personally, love triangles are a quick way to lose my interest if I’m only luke warm about the book to begin with.

But graphic sex will get me to put a book down even if I’m loving the rest of it. I’m just not interested in reading graphic sex. There was one book (back when I still read on Wattpad) where it wasn’t marked mature and the first chapter was harmless and interesting. Then all of a sudden in the last couple of paragraphs of the first chapter there was a very graphic BJ going on. Yeah…I clicked out of there so fast and never looked back.