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I’m fascinated with sleep paralysis and dreams. I’d really like to do more with them but I’m afraid it would make me look like a conspiracy theorist. Which is such an odd thing to think because I have monsters and powers but dreams meaning something in real life is too ridiculous to me?


This probably does not quite fit your topic, but…

I have a brain injury on the right side. Typical issues such as left hand not able to function as well as right hand. But what is interesting and was explained by the injury was that I have epilepsy along with three main types of seizures (none are gran mal seizures).
The worst type and I’ve only had two before I was put on some pretty decent anti-seizure drugs are known as: Complex/Partial Seizure with Vision. The seizures are not painful and don’t twist you into agony, but rather place you into an “alternate reality” which is as real as any reality at any time, bright and clear, not hazy like most dreams. You swear it is real.
My first one was as follows: I am driving 75mph (the legal speed limit on that part of the highway) on a 4 lane stretch of highway (two each direction), my wife in the front seat with me, my son in the back seat. This particular section of the highway is very straight and my 1997 Lincoln tracks straight. Within a microsecond, I am in my front yard loading a day cruiser boat with picnic and water-skiing equipment telling my wife to make sure I have loaded everything and that I am going to hook the boat trailer to our full size pickup. That reality lasts about 30 seconds, but feels as though about 5 minutes have passed when I am back driving the Lincoln on the highway towards home. My wife is looking at me strangely wanting to know why I am asking about a boat and water-skiing when we never owned a boat. Apparently way I said in the alternate reality was spoken aloud in the real reality.
Needless to say it scared the hell out of my wife and I and I went to a cognitive neurologist, which I still see 6 years later. To me I never questioned if it was real until I snapped back to reality. It was bright, clear and voices sounding normal. Makes one thing about what is reality, an alternate reality, or a dream. Reality is really only an interpretation which our brain makes from our sensory input, but you can really start asking a lot of questions surrounding the topic of dreams, reality and so forth. I am not a conspiracy theorist so believe there is always a scientific explanation for these questions even if we don’t all the answers yet. Since dealing with my brain injury, epilepsies and their resulting forms of seizures, is that the brain is a very complex system and we don’t have all the answers yet, but isn’t it fascinating itself without having to become a conspiracy theorist? What does eons of human evolution tell us about what, how and why we dream what we do?


I am due to have a “video eeg” test done where they video tape you while you sleep for three nights while a hairnet full of wires is stuck on your head and monitors brain function. It will be weird to see what I do while sleeping.

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This thread went from 0 to 100 really quick, but oh boy this is interesting! :joy:

Proper magic systems.


I’d love to write more about characters with neurodiversity, but lack of proper understanding and poor representation does more harm than good, and I just simply do not understand enough to really do justice.


Characters who aren’t out to hate each other.

We just need a little more love in this world, you know? Apart from the evil classmates, evil siblings, Evil Villain and Super Evil Villain all gunning for the MC…

I wan’t to write a story that’s disquieting but not outright horror, or even suspense. The kind of story that makes you vaguely uncomfortable for the duration of the read, but without explicitly saying why. One with an ending that seems innocuous, but grows more sinister the longer you think on it, and leaves you going, “Oh : ) … Oh : |”

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Nah bro. I’m good with being a hater. I just try to hate everyone equally.

I wish I could write more WWII and Holocaust stories. I had a few in mind but they had the same gist.

Why are you afraid of coming off as a ‘conspiracy theorist’?

Did you know the American Revolution was a ‘conspiracy theory’? Only 20% of people actually wanted independence. The rest of everyone else were either loyal to Britain OR they didn’t give a hoot.

Conspiracy literally means two or more people forming a plot or plan together in the cover of secrecy.

Heck, people ‘conspire’ to skip out on their McDonalds work shift to smoke a joint with their friend. People ‘conspire’ to steal money from the government with fake welfare checks. People ‘conspire’ to overthrow tyrannical leaders.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. A conspiracy theorist isn’t bad. The media will have you believe they are, because thinking differently is dangerous to the status quo, but the world will never change unless people step up and take the initiative to change it.

Edited to add:
Criminals conspire to sell drugs/do crime and detectives are ‘conspiracy theorists’ that follow the criminals evidence trails. Nothing crazy about that.


What kind of a sicko would do that?! Even worse, what kind of evil mind concocts such a slacker, treasonous, anarchist plot and draws others into it? They should all be locked away in a deep, dark hole so they can’t poison the minds of our children – or better yet, lined up in front of a firing squad.

These people are conspiring to degrade the work ethic of our country, and it WILL NOT STAND!! :smirk:

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Google seems to think it’s a lot worse.

Google isn’t always right about everything, but in this case that IS one definition, conspiring is any plan made in secret by two or more people.

I want to write about anything more normal than what I write now… No more writing about alien crabs for me. (つ﹏<。)

I like the idea of sleep paralysis and dreams though, seems cool!

A magic school, but from the perspective of a overworked, underpaid teacher.

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Anyway, maybe conspiracy theorist isn’t the right word. I think writing about that stuff would make me look like I believed it, you know? Which is also strange that I’m concerned about that because I do believe it! I believe there are valuable insights into ourselves and our minds in dreams but I don’t believe that dreams can see the future or anything like that.

In children that chase lost voices, there’s a scene that portrays the feeling of sleep paralysis

I’m pretty familiar with sleep paralysis since I have it on a regular basis. I’ve only ever seen anything once but generally I just have the paralysis and no feelings of discomfort. I can even put myself into a state of paralysis before bed. It usually happens after naps and if I fall asleep downstairs usually I’m able to tell someone to move me to bring me out of the state.

I actually enjoy it. I like trying to be able to bring myself out of it and the strange feeling of trying to be able to move and not be able to do.

Probably from the paralyzing things your brain releases to ensure you dont move during dreams. And i mean the movie is scene is just more to see more of what other people might see or feel.