🎻 SONATA Character Art「OPEN」


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Character personality:A trainwreck. Overworked. Sleep deprived. Cigarette addicted. Just, a mess - But he also tries incredibly hard and wants, desperately, to please people. He’s surviving on a dry sense of humor and an unhealthy amount of coffee alone at this point.
Hair colors style: Mahogany coloured hair kept longer in the front but short in the back. Curls messily - Kinda like this but maybe a little bit longer:

or this,

Eye colour: Dark coffee brown
Skin tone: Pale, with an occasional freckle dotted here or there.
Clothings: He’s a detective so usually a white button up undershirt with a sloppily done black tie under a long, dark trench coat
Inspo (must provide.)

Pose/expression: Maybe looking a little serious/downcast with a cigarette?
Special traits: He’s got the number nine tattooed into his left wrist if that’s relevant.
Anything else?: Your art is amazing - Thank you for considering :slight_smile:
Is the payment half completed? Added to reading list~


ACCEPTED. sorry for late reply. :slight_smile:



Here is your requested character. I’m still not quite sure if I drew her right, but I hope it does, at the very least, resembles her. To download Click here


It looks nice, but she looks young, she’s old


I just published her in Ascension! I made sure to give credit!


She looks too young? I’m sorry I’m never used to drawing older characters :sob:

I’m glad you are still using her. :heart:


yeah, she looks to be maybe in her 30’s, she should look around 60 or 70



Character personality: She is skittish and friendly. She is a happy person despite difficult circumstances, but it also very strong willed and enjoys pranks from time to time. She is also an orphan who was given to the king as a gift. The king gave her to a nice couple to help raise her.
Hair colours style: Black hair lots of volume, short with bangs.
Eye colour: violet
Skin tone: Olive
Clothings: Old styled clothed. She is the kings maiden so she is dressed nicely but plain, i dont care too much so its up to you about style. She travels in the woods a lot.
Pose/expression she is smirking and looks like shes up to no good.
Special traits: eg. Horns, elf ears.
Anything else? She has elf ears but they are furry and more cat like. Like lion ears.
Is the payment half completed? Will complete if accepted.


Please provide inspo. :blush: I will accept once you do.


What is inspo?


Images of characters, people, or anything that is similar to your character. :slight_smile:

If you still don’t understand, you can see those before you and what they filled for inspo.




ACCEPTED! Thank you for requesting.



@Vexful Here’s your requested character art. I think she could have looked more ruthless and manipulative, butttt I still hope you like her. Click here to download. :slight_smile:


hello, your work is beautiful. :smile: i just wanted to know if we are allowed to order two characters. i understand if not lol.


Sure thing. But, the payment may have to alter, so that it would be fair for those who only requests one. I don’t know, I’ve never consider drawing two characters, so I’ll think of the payment later, or do you have any suggestions? For now, I will say yes. So go ahead and fill in the form and I will see what I can do. :smile:



Character personality: serious, imaginative, and an overthinker.
Hair colours style: like this but less big. maybe half the size.
Eye colour: Dark brown
Skin tone: bronze.

Clothings: i only want it shoulder and up so just a black tshirt.
Pose/expression: straight faced/relaxed. a lot like the one in the picture used to show the hair style.
Special traits: none.
Anything else? nope. idk why the form messed up it looks normal on the preview.
Is the payment half completed? yes.


ahh thank you so much. umm i followed, added your graphic shop to a reading list, i will credit and dedicate the chapter i use the pictures in. i can think of more over time? :joy: