🎻 SONATA Character Art「OPEN」


Oh no no, that’s enough payment :joy::sob: thank you for the follow :heart:

By the way, accepted. I’ll do the coding for accepted later, but for now imma sleep. So, I won’t be replying from now. :two_hearts:



Character personality: overly kind, shy, instrumentally gifted, funny
Hair colours style: black, wavy (like calum hood’s)
Eye colour: dark brown
Skin tone: honey.

Clothings: once again, just the shoulder up. a black or grey tshirt.
Pose/expression: slight smile like the inspo pictures.
Special traits: nope.
Anything else? nope.
Is the payment half completed? yes.


thank you once again and goodnight! :slight_smile:


omg no. I love it. SO goood!


ACCEPTED! Thank you for requesting.


I completed the payment by the way!


Okay I’ll update the queue after class. :heart:


Thank you!



@_torch Here’s your requested character art! Sorry I took so long. Hope you like her. :slight_smile:
Click here to download. :slight_smile:


She’s gorgeous! Thank you so much for the amazing work! <3