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Welcome to Sonata Graphic! I’m Mi and I will be offering you beautiful covers, because who doesn’t judge a book by its cover?

➽ I will only be making dark, fantasy, manipulated covers. I do not do light minimalistic cover.

➽ Please be patient. I do have a life outside wattpad.

➽ Payment must be completed before delivery and after I accepted your request.

➽ You must be detailed with your form otherwise I will not accept.

➽ I have the right to decline or accept your request.

➽ You must claim the graphic, or tell me if you do not like it. I won’t take it personal.

➽ I do not do redo.

This shop is non-committing.

You are only allow to request a maximum of two covers from me unless it is a series.

Payment for second time requester is to add my graphic book RED to your public reading list and show it some support.

No shop hopping.

A permanent follow. @scmimi

permanent follow means you follow me permanently regardless if you like or dislike the result cover.

A credit.

(I will be checking.)

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Colour Scheme:
Pictures/inspo (must provide):
Specific Idea (be detailed):
Other requests?

Payment must be completed once I accept your cover/before I deliver your cover.

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  • Title – Pureblood
  • Author - Michelle du Toit
  • Subtitle –
  • Genre – vampire romance
  • Description – Moran has always been on top, she was the Queen after all, and her warrior status also added to the fear of all those who would want her dead. During the third uprising she is finally defeafed, not killed, but sent where she could no longer rule her kingdom - Earth 2006
  • Colour Scheme – red and black
  • Pictures/inspo – I like the simplicity of Menacing King, but instead of a man I’d like a warrior queen with a sword, she has brown hair and if you could, not required, she has tribal tattoos
  • Other requests? – Nope
  • Payment completed? – Will credit once cover is up?


I will post the cover here or do you prefer other methods? And what tribal tattoos? Can you specify or do you have any example pictures?

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Yay thanks so much!!!

You can post it here and the tattoos are just simple designs like these -

They don’t have any meaning or anything :smile:



I hope you like it!

You can request minor changes if it does meet your expectations: eg. Colour Scheme. I'm not sure if this is what you want. :slight_smile:

drag to new tap to save the image


OMW it’s gorgeous!!! Could you just make the gap between pure and blood smaller please?

I’ll definitely be using it!!

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I don’t know if that’s possible because the fonts are really plant in to the cover. However, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll let you know if I will be able to do it, though it might take a while. :smile:

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Alright thank you!!

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Your covers look amazing. I’m not really requesting a cover since I just started writing on here and it’s only an anime fanfic but I do hope you get more requests.

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  • Title: In Order to Rule
  • Author: Deja Little
  • Subtitle: All hail the new Queen
  • Genre: Fantasy/ Werewolf
  • Description: After a tragic massacre of her parents, Lilian was left broken and the King manages to mend her broken heart. However, she finds out that she is the daughter of a powerful goddess and her life gets more complicated and shifts her loving heart.
  • Colour Scheme: All dark colors
  • Pictures/inspo: 39b10237b4dd1c7c9e4aec4abc7cbcb7 images (Perhaps the first image could have the dark symbols removed.)
  • Other requests? Please add book one to the bottom.
  • Payment completed? It’s still free right?

Requesting for tomorrow.

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Sorry for getting back to you so late. This is as much as I could do. I hope you like it!


Thank you :slight_smile:



Hi. The pictures for your inspo is not HD. Is it okay if I find similar pictures to use instead?

Thank you zo much!!! It is so beautiful!!!

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  • Title: The Heir
  • Author: Ko So-Min
  • Subtitle: Heir by Blood Series
  • Genre: Romance, adventure
  • Description: Asia was born in Seoul South Korea, but her nationality will always be Korean. Living in Korea while her wealthy family, Asia becomes over pressured with taking over the family business as she runs away to America when she finds out her mother was forced to move there when Aisa was five years old. Being in a new country, Asia falls in love and meets with a lost friend of her mothers as she discovers what she really wants.
  • Colour Scheme: Both clashing of light and dark
  • Pictures/inspo: CkUne9tVAAEvTni Just have like a san fransisco bridge behind them, cause when I saved one, it didn’t save as a photo.
  • Other requests? Make the font really cute
  • Payment completed? Will do after I post this :slight_smile: And make the story up, I will tell you when I am done.



Here it is. Sorry if it’s a little blurry. I couldn’t turn up the resolution of the picture anymore than this. I made three versions, feel free to choose the one you like most. :slight_smile:

Drag to new tap to download.




Thank you for requesting

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Hi there. Do you want me to put a San Francisco Bridge behind them? I am just a little confused. :slight_smile:

Also the picture is a little blurry, is it okay if I find similar picture?

Title: Hireath for oblivion (Currently - The Archon)

Author: Xena Nascar

Description: A world where different species live in perfect harmony no fight, no crimes, no pollution to kill the mother nature but what will happen when old enemies resurface, the people who were thought to be weak. A world that is not the earth, cause earth has been forgotten destroyed by its own children. A world where everything is in peace under the thirteen and its government but are people what they really seem. Secrets will be unearthed, secrets that will change the way she looks at the world.

So many questions but answers to none,
Love is there but restricted for some,
will it be him,
or the world that looks upon to her,
strange things happen,
breaking the broken,
so many questions but answers to none.

There is light and escape at the end of the darkness and tunnel but to know what light and escape are, you have to first enter the tunnel and feel the darkness.

Genre of the story: Science fiction.

Colour scheme: I like cold tones.

Specific ideas: something that manages to look extraterrestrial with the font space age or anything similar would do

Payment: Once the cover is up


Are there any inspo? It’ll help a lot.