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I’m not exactly sure if I can manage the request. The inspo far exceeded my abilities. But, I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

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I used the inspo as an overall perfect image but I’ll understand if its too difficult. Honestly if you can just make the focal point be a crown dripping blood I’d be grateful.


Okay! Then accepted. I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

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@PellinorLover2314 @TheMCOfficial @JamesCastellan1

I have finished your covers and posted them in my graphic shop on the main site. Be sure to tell me if you would like to have them. :smile:

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It’s much better than what I have, so, yeah I’ll take it! Besides, it is a bit hard to see in the mockup


Okay. Here it is. :slight_smile:


I almost forgot, is it possible to change the subtitle to Don’t go out at night…? @scmimi


Title: Confessions of an Angel
Author: Haven
Genre: Dark poetry
Description: A very dark poetry narrated by the devil on how people kill each other in the name of religion,and of course, he ends up criticizing god.
Colour scheme: dark colours black, red etc
Or anything with a fallen angel (not female, please)
Specific idea: I don’t know. I guess it would look nice if the writing’s on fire. But it’s your wish though. Maybe a background picture of silhouettes of people hanging on the noose or burning at the stake. It’s all up to you
Just make it look nice and attractive.

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You forgot password. :slight_smile:


Hang on… There’s a password?!

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Yes. I only have it as to ensure people actually read the rules.


I will try. Not sure though if I still have the layers for it.


Oh! I see it! The pillow book


Okay then accepted. It might take a little while depending on the queue and my availability. Hope that’s alright, and I’ll try my best. :slight_smile:


Payment completed x

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TITLE: The Girl With The Purple Warpaint
AUTHOR: Angel Durham
SUBTITLE: “For the people. With the people. By the people.” No other way…
GENRE: Fantasy

Two kingdoms.

One corrupt, crumbling. The other a force to be reckoned with.

The First Kingdom, Meridium once was the place to be, bustling streets. It’s original ruling family was deposed, shamed and reduced to just a small house. Over the years, the new monarchy has become twisted and easily bought by the very ones that are supposed to advise them, in the hopes rulers like the Meridium’s in the past never come about again.

House Meridium has been planning its comeback though, whispers of the brother and sister duo have been slowly spreading. They want one thing: their crown. They will need an army as well as allies, at the same time, they must protect their secret. One that concerns them both.

A young girl, she listens to the wind in the trees, the scuffle of a dog walking. She claims gods are speaking to her urging her to find a mythical plant known only as the Singing Root.

The queen of the First Kingdm fears her death, and she fers it shall come in the form of the girl.

The Second Kingdom, Nadir, is planning its conquest of the crumbling First Kingdom. For as long as they could remember, Meridian had been keeping them down, unable to grow strong enough to expand. A war between the First and Second Kingdoms has long been brewing…

The question is, who can, and who WILL stop it?

COLOUR SCHEME: Black, browns, golds and purple (for the warpaint)
Skin is about that color
Related image
I want her face to be about this close (if possible, have her head tilted down slightly but her looking up into the reader’s eyes, her eyes should have an intensity to them)
Image result for purple warpaint across both eyes in thick band
The warpaint should be like this but the band needs to be thicker, coming further down (and the color less transparent)
Related image
Randomly found this, but the color is like what I want :woman_shrugging:
SPECIFIC IDEA (BE DETAILED): I was thinking a slightly darker skinned girl with a large band of purple warpaint across her face looking directly into the reader’s eyes. She is slightly on the younger side, so a softer/younger face is welcome, but she does turn into a warrior of her own by the end.

OTHER REQUESTS? None. The mood is danger and mystery


Can you provide me with the picture of the girl? It’s impossible for me to browse for such specifics.


Hi. I’m working on your cover right now and I’m just wondering if the two ideas are separate ideas, or you want me to merch them into one?


They’re separate ideas only because I never considered merging them but if, in your artistic opinion, you think it’ll be better to merge it then you can dothat.


That’s what I tried, it doesn’t have to be exactly that