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Since I edited my book at least once, I thought I may try to ask for a cover since I suck at coming up with any idea ^_^; I’m not used to requesting covers, so I’m sorry if my phrasing is incomplete.

TITLE: NinRai (I would like for N and R to be bigger or slightly different from the rest of the title - It’s a combination of Ninja and Samurai)
AUTHOR: Witto150
SUBTITLE: Wacky adventure alert! (not needed if it can’t fit :sweat_smile:)
GENRE: Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy

This one is for the blurb :wink:

In the far away land, behind two mountains and merely three rivers walked a boy. There was no worry in his life, and if there was, it was soon beaten down to never bother him again. He and his unusual rabbit partner were on a quest without an end… to fill their noisy stomachs.

They might find the right opportunity in the next city, but the burning question was –Was the opportunity in the mood to let them go off the hook?

Now to the cover… huh… I don’t prefer humans on it, but the other character is a rabbit so that would be cool to have him. The title can be in this format


as it can easily fit. so the cover can be text-based too.

My poor idea I couldn’t execute was adding wagasa (a red Japanese umbrella) and/or sakura tree or petals. Maybe the rabbit under the wagasa near the tree or the rabbit holding the umbrella with petals in the air? Around them could be greenery or something similar or just simple background/border. The last object included was supposed to be a shuriken, but I’m not sure where to place it (under the title?).
The rabbit can hold the umbrella (folded or open) too.

COLOUR SCHEME: Since my story is a lot of comedic I suppose lighter colors will go well. But you mentioned you don’t like to work with them so, yeah :sweat_smile: But the important colors are red and white.

I think the rabbit could stand and be more like from 3/4 view from behind and albino as that’s how the rabbit looks in the book :slight_smile:

Shuriken in a bit unusual style could be good :slight_smile:

This object seems random, but it plays a big role in my story :rofl: Do you think you could use it too? I would prefer this picture as the socks have to be hand knitted, but if you can manage to find a more psychedelic variant, I’m all for it :laughing:

SPECIFIC IDEA (BE DETAILED): I searched for some covers to get inspiration, but nothing really caught my eyes :sweat_smile: But I think this layout could work with the rabbit up and the umbrella down? It might work :slight_smile:

OTHER REQUESTS? No idea :rofl:

If anything from my request can’t fit in, it’s okay. No worries :slight_smile:

Ask or deny my request as you see fit :heart: I’m not the best in providing similar info :sweat_smile:

I also have no idea when I’ll publish my story, but I hope to do so before the end of January :heart: I’ll surely PM you about it :heart:

Thank you so much :heart:

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Omg sorry I just see this now. But, of course accepted! I’ve always been into doing something period Japanese or Chinese. This would be fun!

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Any luck on mine? Really the only specifics is a girl’s face (with darker skin) and warpaint across her eyes, I can always come up with a different idea though

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I won’t accept it yet, but I’ll attempt to make it. If it doesn’t turn out okay/okay, I’ll let you know.

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Sorry it took so long. My laptop charger was broken, so I couldn’t use it for weeks.
Here it is. I hope you like it. Click here to download.


Alright, an alternate idea is a dagger with a purple strip of cloth/ribbon wrapped around the blade and flowing in the wind against a dark background (or a different background, not 100% yet)

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Sorry it took so long. I’ve had a rough time doing this one. I hope you like it. :slight_smile: Click here to download

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Okay I’ll see what I can do.

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I LOVE IT thank you so much :heart: and I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused

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Oh my god it’s great! Thank you so much!

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No problem! I’m glad you like it :blush:

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No problem!


No worries :smiley: Thank you so much for accepting me :heart:

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It’s gorgeous!!!

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TITLE: Conquerors
AUTHOR: Yasmeen J. (Make sure to capitalize the J.)
SUBTITLE: Reign Of Rebellion
GENRE: Epic Fantasy
DESCRIPTION: The elder king of one of the most powerful kingdoms that make up the world is dead and only one of his two daughters can be crowned queen of the land.
Leopold, the loyal prince of the Vridel kingdom, learns that he has to take one, of his choice, as a bride to even out the two kingdoms, for there can only be one queen to each.
Little does he, his father, or their people, know the princesses’ true intentions are far from innocent or forced.
A murderous plan to rebel against the five kings and conquer their kingdoms had been set from the very beginning. The princesses will stop at nothing to get what they yearn for but do not deserve, power. Claiming many lives, riches, and secrets along the way, birthing what will now be known as…

The Great Reign Of Rebellion…

COLOUR SCHEME: Black and emerald green
PICTURES/INSPO (MUST PROVIDE): The textured background: 635429486580755170
The crown: 4b2efd35aec9c188577e64a8174a57f7dfe8ad88_1_800x800
The dagger(it has to be curvey):

The mist: 3aeb258571f0c5684271bcff90b3a14a88c23d8d_1_800x647

An example cover to give you an idea of how I want to the text and the dagger placed also the font and my name:
SPECIFIC IDEA (BE DETAILED): I was thinking of a silver crown on a rocky textured background with a dagger going down the middle of it. An emerald mist/smoke surrounding everything.
Already done payment from last time

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Accepted! I’ll try my best with this one. :slight_smile:

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TITLE: Grounding the Storm
AUTHOR: @leannamattos (Leanna Mattos)
GENRE: Fantasy
DESCRIPTION: Roux Aimrey is an immortal witch. In a kingdom ruled by a cruel king, no one is out of the watchful eye of the royal family. Not even Roux herself, hidden away in a refugee village built from the ground by her parents.
Roux’s power is dangerous and untrained, forcing her keep it locked up tight-believing that to be the worst of her problems, she doesn’t expect the storm that invades their small village during the night. And it’s not just any storm, but the dark prince coming to take her back to the castle. He needs her power to quell his own. As a witch of storm, his power matches his personality, dark and unyielding.
Roux must navigate her new life in the castle and learn to leave her old one behind, all the while learning to trust her power and what it must take to force her way into the prince’s black heart.
COLOUR SCHEME: Black, silver, and gold

PICTURES/INSPO (MUST PROVIDE): I looked at some of your examples and here are some I liked!

SPECIFIC IDEA (BE DETAILED): I like the idea of a bold title, like the pictures I’ve included (examples of your work) and I also love the idea of the cover being dark and mysterious, something that will draw the reader in. Maybe have some fog in there and faint sparkles of something that resembles lightning. Also, I love the idea of a border like in the example of yours I included of ‘What The Morning Brings’. If you could do something like that, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for considering! If you accept and need more information on what I’d like, let me know! I hope I provided enough by using examples of work you’ve already done. The background can be similar!



Here’s your cover. I don’t think it’s really the feel you want it to be. I had fun making you tho.




I’ll go with a typography style for this if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:


do you do series covers?

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