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Wow, those are both beautiful covers!


Title: We the Fallen

Author: Naia Waite


Genre: SciFi/Romance/Dystopian

Description: They came into this world through the mirrors. It started small- slight delays in a reflection, flickering images in the glass. Then they crawled through, out of a dark dimension beyond the stars onto the Earth: The Creatures, an alien species more cunning and violent than humans, with a vision of draining our world’s resources for themselves. Unable to fight them off, the human world descended into chaos, riots, widespread death from interstellar disease, the collapse of infrastructures, war with The Creatures. When one broke through into 22 year old Olivia’s apartment, it possessed her boyfriend’s form, and she saw firsthand what these monsters were capable of. Forced to flee her home without him, Olivia sets off in search of safety alone through the remains of civilization, to carve out a life for her and their unborn child. When she hears word of a group of rebels who have devised a way to kill The Creatures, lead by a notorious former terrorist and wanted criminal called Nash, she seeks this mysterious faction out in order to take back her home for her family. As she trains under Nash’s leadership to become a spy and assassin, Olivia’s focus becomes to end The Creatures reign of terror and create a safer world for her child, even if that requires forming an alliance with a wicked man at the cost of her own heart.

Colour Scheme: Purple or blue (cold colors) or dark colors, metallic, reflective

Pictures/inspo (must provide):

The site won’t let me put links in the post for some reason. The covers for “The Brink of Darkness” and “The Edge of Everything” by Jeff Giles, as well as Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young are the inspo I found.

Specific Idea (be detailed): A knife or battle axe could be incorporated. A reflective surface similar to a mirror, either on the text or in the background? Snow could be falling, or it could show a girl’s dark or hazel colored eyes, which would appear angry or determined.

Other requests? If you have a better idea while designing feel free to use your own discretion :slight_smile:


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I’ll use all of them!!!

You are infinitely amazing!!!


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This one is amazing too <3


Beautiful as usual😍 I think I’ll use the first one. Thanks so much!


I think to be on the safe side I will request the cover for the third Lazarus Acadamy Series, but I don’t know if I should, I know in one of them there is a dragon (Oroborus) but I’m not sure.

I have orange, blue, the third will have green overall, and the fifth will have gold colors overall I think.

Ascension (Oranges)
Downfall (Blues)
Redemption (Greens)
Annihilation (Unsure)
Salvation (Golds)

What do you think @scmimi?



Here were the first two if you have no clue what I am talking about


I just wish to say I have uploaded the book on WP, please, check if I fulfilled the payment in the right way. If not, I’ll correct it as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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TITLE: Twilight Witch
AUTHOR: Catherine Kopf
SUBTITLE: Change Strikes When You Least Expect It.
GENRE: Dark Fantasy
DESCRIPTION: “Stone-cold, arrogant 635202 lives with a numbered name, a broken memory, and a shadowed past. Looked on by her peers with respect, she remains detached, for the fear of losing everything remains on her mind. Magic is in the air, and the fear of an unknown prophecy looms over 635202’s head.
When a group of prisoners from the surface world comes to her compound, she finds herself trapped with a young man who is her polar opposite… and possibly the only gateway left to a past life she can’t remember save for her dreams of another boy with emerald eyes. 635202 must choose between what is, what there was, and what the future has in store for her and uncover her cursed memories before not only she is in danger, but the very fabric of magic as she knows it.”
COLOUR SCHEME: reds, blacks, silvers
PICTURES/INSPO (MUST PROVIDE): I have an entire Pinterest Board filled with inspiration for this story!
I have three possible specific ideas…

  1. A cover centered on the MC- a girl named after ravens with long dark hair and silver eyes. Most of the time, she wears all black. The background of this cover could have a forest and a red moon. The MC also is known to have knives or use magic. This kind of idea:
  2. A cover more inspired by this one: that’s more typography based. She does have a black cat familiar that you could use in this idea for, or the silhouette of a castle with a red background and silver accents. Your cover “DOWNFALL” has a feel similar to this type of cover with the cat.
  3. The last is rose centered. It would have a black background and a rose dripping with blood to represent the mystic artifact my MC has forgotten to take care of. There could be smoke, thorns, or something similar near it to promote danger.
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Thank you so much!! I’m so overwhelmed. Those compliments are flattering me! I’m glad you like them :heart:

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You’re welcome :blush:



I don’t think I can execute this. Thank you for requesting and good luck on finding the right designer.


I can do the third book, just fill out the form for me. :slight_smile:

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You’ve completed the payment and way more. I love your supports! :heart:

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I’ll go with the first idea. It seems to be what I’m best at atm. :slight_smile:

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You are very welcome :smiley: It’s the least I can do :heart:

  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Angel Durham
  • Subtitle: All actions have their consequences…
  • Genre: Paranormal (third book in the Lazarus Academy Series)
  • Description: Phoenix became consumed by greed in Downfall, and now he must live with the consequences. In an attempt to redeem himself, and prove he isn’t all bad, he embarks on a journey to awaken Ouroboros, a protector from ancient times who could possibly help him in his duty to the witches he has now failed at as a storm begins to gather, one even greater than the one he already stopped.
  • Colour Scheme: Greens and blacks, darker tones
  • Pictures/inspo: 1542627716834
  • Specific Idea: I want it to be similar to the covers for Ascension and Downfall, but I want to have a silhouette of Orobourous as a dragon eating his tail.

    I like the first Ouroborous the best, but something similar to these three will do.
  • Other requests?: Not really
  • Payment must be completed once I accept your cover/before I deliver your cover.: Already followed, any story you want me to read and comment on? I can do that on a few chapters if you want

Okay, cool. Just completed the payment!

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Title: Emperor without Sin
Author: DownwiththeHush
Subtitle: “To love and conquer, death will follow”
Genre: Historic/fantasy/romance
Description: The emperor is in the front and the woman is behind him. The city is fading below him, sparks of amber are falling behind him. Mountains ( how the pictures look) we like the font you use for your covers, it could be in gold.
During the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Li Shimin is depraved with ambitious, slaughtering his father and two brothers to achieve the throne. He will listen to no one until a beautiful young woman name Wendeshunsheng becomes a desirable figure to many and he himself. War on the horizon and enemy closing in, how will they survive…In a world still divided?
Colour Scheme: Red, white, and gold

Pictures/inspo (must provide):
“The pearl of China” by Anchee Min or Song of blood and stone by L. Penelope

The main characters on the cover Nanthasai Visalyaputra and Liu Wen (in case you need more pics) For the guys there is a picture of the guy in a kimono with a sword in his hand.

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No problem! Can I make a request for a diff. story that might be a bit easier & fun for you?


Title: The Pandoran Chronicles
Author: Mister Rabbit
Subtitle: None
Genre: Medieval Gothic Fantasy
Description: In a cursed world where monsters rule, two human sisters will fight survive. Even if it means starting a war that will change the course of history. Not all legends are untrue and not all heroes are knights.
Colour scheme: Red, gold, black, green.
Pictures/inspiration: I quite like the design of your Solar and Dark cover. Specifically the font and dark woods in the background.
I also really like this picture with the girl, sword, and fire.:

And this one. I think it would be really cool to have ravens flying in the background.

Please let me know if you need anymore details. And thank you for considering my request. Your covers are truly amazing.