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I’ve always love ancient China and the Tang Dynasty :heart:


Sure! Go ahead. :slight_smile:

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Payment completed

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Here is your series covers! I hope you like it. :heart: I’m not sure if this is how you want it, but I had fun making them.

Click here to download individuals.




Oh my gosh I love these so much!!! They are absolutely gorgeous :heart::heart::heart: I’ll get these added on in the next few hours. Also, I will be giving a shout out and adding the credit into the description of my profile and all editions of the series. Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome :blush:


These are amazing


@scmimi Title: Before the Night

Author: Naia Waite

Subtitle: a chaotic hearts novel

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Description: The city of Sol has seven walls, each with its own monster, to safeguard the citizens within its walls. Beyond the wall, what remains? Some trade, some truths, some rumors. Many people aren’t sure what exactly remains outside the wall because they never leave its safety. The rich prosper; both rich and poor suffer. Juliette spends her days laboring for people who don’t care about her at all. She’s forced to hide her heritage as an ancient witch while she cleans up after the royal family for little pay and rude remarks.

Juliette’s only peace comes from her fellow staff members and the tavern after work. When she impulsively drinks more than she can handle and spends time with the spoiled prince outside of the palace, she finds her whole world to be wider than she imagined. Kaden is being haunted by visions of his dead mother, who warns him of a beast outside the city walls who threatens them all. He’s not as simple and cruel as she’d hoped; she’s not as dangerous and strange as he feared. Together they must leave home to learn their crafts of magic and necromancy, and unite their people to conquer the true enemy, in spite of anger, envy, injustice, and their own weaknesses.

Colour Scheme: Black, silver, blue?

Pictures/inspo (must provide):

Witching Hour by Sarah Hogle

A Spark of Madness by Lana Hart and AJ Emerson

Specific Idea (be detailed): Here are three possibilities that all work with my idea…

Idea 1. A crown with a bunch of hands reaching up towards it Idea 2. A half-moon, half-sun image. The background fades from cold colors on one half to warmer colors on the other half, or vice versa, like the colors at twilight/dusk. There is a cat, snake, crow, runic, or other witchcraft related symbol under/near the moon in the darkness & a throne, crown, city skyline, or palace (something royal) under/near the sun where the sunset colors are fading into the dark Idea 3. A human heart with a crown atop it and crows circling above



Took me so long to edit the knife haha. Here’s the cover. I hope you like it!

Click here to download.


It’s great! Thank you! :slight_smile:
I’ll try to get it uploaded to the story and give you credit later today!


Looks really awesome :smiley:

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TITLE: Risen
AUTHOR: bewitchedd_
SUBTITLE: A girl caught between two worlds
GENRE: Fantasy
DESCRIPTION: Mina is abandoned by her parents at the age of 16, like many others, and sent away to a place called Ashborn. Ashborn is for unwanted children who don’t possess magical abilities. There, they are instead trained to be warriors and have to fight their way to the top of the food chain for respect. Mina meets a guy named Aaron, who tells her about a secret clan of elite fighters that his brother was a part of. Together, along with a few others, they plan to fight their way up the hierarchy to gain positions in this clan. However, Mina learns Aaron’s intentions are not what she once thought. When war breaks out between the two worlds, how will Mina fair?
COLOUR SCHEME: dark, blue, black
wattpad won’t let me post the links for some reason so I’ll try putting it in a separate post or dming them.
SPECIFIC IDEA (BE DETAILED): If neither of those pictures works, I’d like a girl with black hair on the front with glowing eyes or just magical elements around her.

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Title: Misfit
Author: imtotallynotokay
Genre: romantic thriller
Description: Jax never thought his life would change so drastically in six months but nobody has control over their life… well not everybody at least.
Colour scheme: whatever you think fits best it just needs to be dark

Specific idea: a guy on his knees in front of a grave with someone about to hit him with a shovel in the background or a guy secretly watching a couple of people around a fire in the woods
Other request?


Hi Hope you can help with a cover! :slight_smile:

Title: Seventh Heaven
Author: Alexander Yakovlev

Summary: Sam is burdened with the death of his mother and his constant blackouts - that is, until he meets Hana. As he begins to overcome the struggles of his life, the truth of his past unfolds, and it is darker than he could ever imagine.

Mood/Genre/Colours: Something dark, thriller-like and mysterious like the image below:

I also have my concept art folder here:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ll update the queue later in the day so you know the rough time of when you’ll receive your cover :slight_smile: