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Title: Beyond the Iron Gate
Author: Lumtrexa
Subtitle: The Faery Meadow Book 1
Genre: dark fantasy
In the faery realm waits Elaine’s destiny.
A journey entwined with love, deceit and betrayal by those closest to her. Lorcan is the first faery Elaine meets and they don’t exactly meet on good terms. Suffice it to say, Elaine will quickly find there are more cunning creatures beyond the human realm and faery realm alike. When Lorcan finds out Elaine could be his destined mate, he may not have her completely convinced. Especially when she finds she may not be the only one he claims to love. In a world full of faeries, pixies and demons, Elaine will have to discover for herself who to forgive and even more so, who to trust.

For in a dark world between the human and faery realm, a greater evil lurks. An evil that has managed to escape Hell; no amount of magic can stop him from finding her. Book 1 in the series.

Colour Scheme: dark pink and black
Pictures/inspo: main character and faery wings concept below

I really like the theme of these covers and the frosty/dusty substance on the girl’s hands reminds me of faery dust. However, I’d like to see the model’s full body standing in the background wearing a dress of some sort. I also like the leafy stems/branches around the title and darkness blended with the light of her skin and the flowers. If possible though I’d like some border around the cover kind of like this
Specific Ideas: My main concern is that the model be an older teen with blonde hair and faery wings of some sort (they must be pink and black). I would like there to be some amount flowers to surround her, but it can give off a creepy vibe. There could be a border around the cover of thorns or dead flowers or something to help give it a darker theme (or leafy vines/ branches as some of the examples have). Also, I think if it looked like she was holding faery dust or a flower in her hand that would be cool, but I’d like the cover to show the model’s full body and be in some form of background (dark forest or creepy woods etc.).
Other requests: I am only looking to have you do this cover if you are able to also do my other four covers in the series (so they would all need to have some form of an overarching theme). I do have permission from their current designer to replace all the current covers once you finish the five new covers (if you accept my request). Please let me know if you accept to help me with my series covers and I will submit the four other requests for the other covers separately shortly after. I also did inbox you with more details on this as well, but I’m unsure if you got my message.
Payment: I have followed and will give credit when all five covers are finished (I plan on putting them all up at once). I am hoping you can finish them all together (even if it takes weeks). I would like to put all the new covers up at the same time (if you accept to do my series).

Each cover needs to have its own color theme and also its separate character model. As I mentioned before, I will be sending in the other four requests if you accept to do all five of my covers. If you do accept, please let me know how long you expect it to take to complete this project with me because I know it will take some time to complete (all five covers). I am hoping you can deliver all five to me at once. However long it takes – just let me know what you’re thinking. Thank you:)

Current cover image:
You can find more info about the covers/series here to help you get an idea of the covers I’m looking for. I hope to use the current covers kind of as a guideline in regard to the characters/themes on them and aspects I’m looking to keep/change.

Also, sorry for the super lengthy request, but this series is very close to my heart and important to my readers and I.

Thank you for your consideration<3

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I’m not sure if you forgot to read, but my shop is CFCU which means it is close for catch up. I did receive your PM and I have made a reply.

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I wish to do one in the future if I have the opportunity! But, as of now, I’m willing to answer any question relating to graphic designing. I can also give you a few tips too. :slight_smile:

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This one was so fun to do, though I feel like I slightly abandoned your theme. I love it though XD. I hope you like it.

Tell me if you want to use it and if you do, don’t forget to credit me.

Click here to download.


My exams is next week, so I might take a break from graphic designing as of now. I’ll get through the rest of the request next weekend. Thank you for being patient.

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That would be really awesome :heart: I do struggle with making my own cover, so tips and trick how to improve it would be really cool :smiley:

Do you think Co-op would be possible? I can make the base, but I struggle with making everything blend nicely. I want to make a cover for NinRai for the e-book (all used pictures/fonts are for free commercial use + I collected the credits at the book’s end).

If not (I’ll understand), it’s okay :smiley:

Good luck with your tests :+1: :crossed_fingers:

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Of course! I would be more than happy to collaborate with you. We can discuss this through PM. :slight_smile:

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OMG!!! we love it, thank you so much. Don’t worry we will credit you:heart::heart:

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Title:A Sense of Dalliance
Description:Theliel being an Dominion angel, who believe in keeping the world in proper order. They are known for delivering justice in unjust situations, and showing mercy toward human beings. One day, Theliel is called upon before God for another mission. This mission at the time, is about a young girl that Theliel must protect from her mentally unstable father. Overtime, Theliel learns that this now young woman means more to him than anything, but will he lose her to another.
Colour Scheme: light and the dark
Pictures/inspo (must provide):…0…1…gws-wiz-img…0j0i8i30j0i30j0i24.WTHPpNOwxi4#imgdii=_Vj10Oew_Z0TpM:&imgrc=ycixuhuL1fK3CM:

Specific Idea (be detailed): I love all your covers so I know whatever you will be amazing.But I do want both of them on the character, perhaps feathers as well. specifically angelic. Thanks!!!
Other requests?


CFCU=Closed For Catch Up

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Oh okay thanks


Thank you so muuuuuch <3

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Sorry!!! I just learned today that my graphic was already posted!!! What the heck oh noooo



Download here.

Manip base

I did this cover whilst tackling exams. I hope you like it!

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OMG THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You must be celestial being!! Such gorgeous covers aren’t humanly possible :heart: :open_mouth:

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Thank you!! By the way, my exams finish tomorrow so I can work on the project soon. :heart:

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I know you’re busy, but can I still request?

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This thread is currently closed. I might reopen it tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I finish my queue. :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you :heart: I have some bases ready done in Gimp 10.4 or so (it’s the newest version :wink:

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