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Here is your cover. Sorry I took so long (like half a month). Here it is. I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but I kinda combined 2 ideas together.

Click her to download.


It looks so cool :heart:


Wow. Your covers might be some of the best I have ever seen. Is it too late to enter something because I am shocker.

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Title:A Sense of Dalliance
Author: DownwiththeHush
Subtitle: We weren’t always divided
Description: Theliel being an Dominion angel, who believe in keeping the world in proper order. They are known for delivering justice in unjust situations, and showing mercy toward human beings. One day, Theliel is called upon before God for another mission. This mission at the time, is about a young girl that Theliel must protect from her mentally unstable father. Overtime, Theliel learns that this now young woman means more to him than anything, but will he lose her to another.
Colour Scheme: light and the dark
Pictures/inspo (must provide):…0…1…gws-wiz-img…0j0i8i30j0i30j0i24.WTHPpNOwxi4#imgdii=_Vj10Oew_Z0TpM:&imgrc=ycixuhuL1fK3CM:

Specific Idea (be detailed): I love all your covers so I know whatever you will be amazing.But I do want both of them on the character, perhaps feathers as well. specifically angelic. Thanks!!!
Other requests?



I love this cover I made. It’s the first I’ve entirely made with photoshop. Though, I feel real bad cos I neglected your given colour schemes… I can recolour it, but it wouldn’t look as good.


After I finished all the remaining requests, I will move to a new thread and it will be open for request.




here is you cover after such a long wait. I hope you like it. If you want it, please complete the payment and i will send you the actual cover. Thanks for requesting. :slight_smile:


That upside-down city is amazing :open_mouth:

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payment completed and good lord that’s a sexy book

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Here it is <3

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Hey, I finished your cover. Tell me if you would like it. If you do, please complete payment before i send you the actual cover.

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Your covers get more and more beautiful. You deserve soooo much more recognition

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Oml the cover is amazing, thank you! Have followed you, and will credit you at the beginning of the book :slight_smile: Thanks again

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AHHH I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much for putting in the time to make this! Unfortunately it doesn’t exactly fit the vibe of my book so I won’t be using it, but it’s a lovely cover. Tysm <3


Thank you so much!

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No worries! :slight_smile:

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Title: Chronicles of the Sorcery Ice Slayer
Author: Amelia Guillem
Genre: fantasy, sports
Average skater Roni suffered a series of failures, forcing her to question her career. She has accepted to settle by working at her parents’ coffee shop. But after their words of encouragement, Roni takes up figure skating once again. Additionally, the desire to see her childhood friend pushes her to an Olympic victory. Such success comes with a high price for years to come.

Because of this, she attracts unwanted attention. Most will try to claim her Olympic gold medal and her life! But she’s not going down without a fight. Roni must scheme to secure victory in and out of the rink. After all, she’s not the Sorcery Ice Slayer for nothing!
Colour Scheme: black and purplish like my current cover
Pictures/inspo (must provide): This
Specific Idea (be detailed): any snow, ice or, aurora sky background
Other requests? No

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Title: Arranged to the Fallen
Author: Xzandria Beard
Subtitle: Being tied to nefarious of damned
Genre: Fantasy, Dark Romance
Hidden from God, is what my name means. I thought it was strange that my mother chose to call me this. Sometimes at night, I would see her praying from me with tears in her eyes, for she knew something was coming for me. Looking back on it now, I wish I had known sooner but then again it would have changed nothing. There was no way I can outrun him. I was his and I don’t even know why. Nor his true name…but he said I have only forgotten it. The name I gave him
Colour Scheme
Pictures/inspo (must provide) : It won’t let me post any links yet. But book covers like Hush Hush, Lucius the fallen, Dark Thoughts by Claire Chilton

Specific Idea (be detailed) : dark but beautiful, I see Jalica Hebson on the cover I really want show off her eyes. And add Nyle Dimaro with glowing eyes, as well but if you have a different idea that fine with me. Your covers are amazing!!!.
Other requests? No


Is it okay if I only have Jalica Hebson on the cover? Because I would have more idea for it this way.