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Yes that is fine with me. Go for it!!!

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Here’s your cover. If you want it, please complete the payment and I’ll send you the actual cover. :slight_smile:

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Payment completed. I love it I will credit you!!!



Here it is! I'm glad you like it.


Then let me modify my request. I simply seek improvement of my cover. Especially with the font. Ignore the previous photo and other details I asked. This is the only photo I need.

I need the font to stand out. Cover creator sites can only do so much.


Title: The Rider’s Legacy
Author: Saoigreen
Subtitle: –
Genre: Fantasy
Description: War has come. The old Tyrant has risen from ice and ruin. Dragon Rider Neely Lynch has been named enemy of the state that only she can save. The armies are decimated, the once strong country torn to ruin as Acheron’s armies threaten to tear the very foundations of the world apart
Colour Scheme: It’s a quite dark color scheme. Blacks, blues - that kind of thing.
Pictures/inspo (must provide): These are the previous covers if they prove inspiring.’s-legend’s-truth
Specific Idea (be detailed): I imagine the main character as the central piece of the cover. A black dragon in the skies behind her, or standing behind her. I imagine the cursive to be striking.
Other requests? No thank you.


Title: Birds of Paradise

Author: E.A. Gonzalez

Subtitle: —

Genre: Xianxia (Chinese fantasy)

Description: Fifteen years ago, Song Sunzi wiped out ninety-percent of the cultivation world’s alpha leaders before her death marked the end of the bloody revolt.
Cai has lived in his mother’s dark shadow ever since. He must work harder than anyone else to earn his place amongst the other alpha cultivators who survived Song Sunzi’s reign of terror. Filled with hatred for his late mother, Cai rejects her name, blood, and history. But when Cai’s cousin, Lira, is arranged to be married to the heir of the cruel Huo clan, Cai finds himself seeking out the path that led Song Sunzi to her downfall in order to save his cousin from a similar fate.

Color Scheme: Primarily black and shades of gray. Red/burgundy is also find as long as the theme stays relatively dark!

Pictures/inspo: cover1

Specific Ideas: Nothing in particular other than the fact that the person on the cover obviously must be East Asian! Any picture that matches the vibes of the ones above would work perfectly :slight_smile:

I already followed and will post credit if accepted/when cover is done! Thank you!

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I’m sorry, I really do want to accept your request, but I don’t have inspiration for it. I’m not inclined to, but I’ll tell you the reasons:

  1. If I modify the request, I’m simply taking the picture and text slapping some cool fonts on. As a graphic designer that is a big disappointment
  2. If I do above, it won’t be a graphic I’m proud of
  3. The picture you provided for the background is landscape with height of only 700px which means that if I were to crop it to the size of Wattpad cover it would be extremely low resolution.

Thank you for requesting.

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Do you want Emilia Clarke from GoT as the main character or someone else?


You didn’t read the rules, did you? I stated that payment must be completed once I accept your cover.

In any case. I will accept this, because I’m weak for xianxia drama (and Zhao Liying)


I think Emilia Clark would fit in with the other covers, but if you prefer someone else that’s fine.



Please complete payment. :slight_smile:

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I completed the follow. Can I credit you once the cover goes up? Or when I post the book?


Title: Necromancy In D Minor
Author: Jaxon Tempest
Subtitle: ----
Genre: Gothic Fantasy

Description: Sin and symphony. That’s all a necromancer needs.

Octavia is a Necromancer on a journey through a realm where her kind are hated and feared. With only a flute and wit she plans to rid humankind of a decade’s old scourge - the Netherborne a plague of beasts and undead released upon the world by Necromancers. And so, Octavia wanders from place to place, disguised as a music teacher, using her Necromancy write the wrongs of her ilk.

When her travels take her to the tiny island of Haldora, she finds a town and its people fraught with desperation and fear. For fifty years they’ve lived under heel of the Netherborne, with only a handful of Priests to serve as their wards.

But when those wards prove to be insufficient enough to keep the scourge at bay, Octavia will have to decide between keeping up her farce and protecting the people she’s grown to care about. Will the townspeople accept Octavia’s help or will their hatred for Necromancers be their undoing?

Pictures/Inspo: I have 3 ideas if you’ll humour me.

__ Idea 1 - Black feathers/wings:__

Idea 2 - Music and roses:


Idea 3: Typography




Specific ideas: I love your object-based covers (Purple Warpaint, Redemption and Silver Glace). You used of borders and highlights is beautiful. So, something like that with the feathers or rose+music would be great. If that’s not possible a typography cover like Of Solar And Dark would be great.

Other Requests: No. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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Of course. That would be appropriate. :slight_smile:


Grand, thanks for clearing that up. :smile:


Title:A Sense of Dalliance
Author: DownwiththeHush
Subtitle: We weren’t always divided
Description: Theliel being an Dominion angel, who believe in keeping the world in proper order. They are known for delivering justice in unjust situations, and showing mercy toward human beings. One day, Theliel is called upon before God for another mission. This mission at the time, is about a young girl that Theliel must protect from her mentally unstable father. Overtime, Theliel learns that this now young woman means more to him than anything, but will he lose her to another.
Colour Scheme: light and the dark
Pictures/inspo (must provide):…96414.102526…103889…4.0…0.303.1821.11j2j2j1…0…1…gws-wiz-img…0j0i8i30j0i30j0i24.WTHPpNOwxi4#imgdii=_Vj10Oew_Z0TpM:&imgrc=ycixuhuL1fK3CM:

Specific Idea (be detailed): I love all your covers so I know whatever you will be amazing.But I do want both of them on the character, perhaps feathers as well. specifically angelic. Thanks!!!
Other requests?


Title: Woebegone
Author: katee0writes
Subtitle: N/A
Genre: action
Description: The assassin Shadow receives her hardest mission yet. She must defeat the monsters of her past and slaughter the monsters of the present.
Colour scheme: dark colours?
A girl in the middle, with long black hair and wearing some kind of suit?
Also please add a knife that the girl holds in the same position as the picture. It’s not in anime style, this is only for the position reference.

Specific Idea: Again, a girl in the middle with long black hair and wearing a suit. She is holding a knife that points to her mouth. Could the text for the title have that sparkle/glow effect that you used for ‘Silver Glace’ (example cover)?

Thank you in advance!

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Title: Descendant
Author: Thea May
Subtitle: /
Genre: Fantasy
Description: What would you do if someone offered you a way to make your heart’s biggest desire come true? And what price would you be willing to pay? What if you are sent to your death with no way out? What happens in the world where you can’t trust anyone and be sure about anything you see?

When Victoria’s whole life turns upside down and she’s left to helplessly struggle with the reality, she’ll do anything to gain back what has been taken away from her.


“Every level will be harder than the one before and the most important thing you have to remember is that the real battle starts after you take the stone. You have to take the route backwards and every contestant below you will try to kill you to steal the stone.”

Victoria carefully listened to the hooded figure that still hasn’t even told her his name. For all she knew, this could all be a fraud. But something inside her was telling her to listen and memorize everything. Her mother’s life was in stake.
Colour Scheme: navy blue-emerald green or navy blue-black
Pictures/inspo (must provide): Maybe something like this: but instead of this girl walking maybe you can put some guy walking and the girl above him should be a little bit more on a fantasy side than regular like in the picture. It’s really not that important, she should just have dark hair since I describe her looks like that. Also, maybe you can add a lightning somewhere?
Specific Idea (be detailed): If you have a different idea that you think would be better, go with it, I’m sure I’m going to like it as well.
Other requests? I’d like you to use some font that will really stand out - like you did in your examples above.

I’ll complete my payment after you accept my request. Thank you in advance x :heart:


Title: Confessions of a Black Witch
Author: Crystal Bickley
Subtitle: There’s always consequences in dark magick
Genre: suspense/thriller
Description: All she wanted was the good life. Expensive things, to be seen as beautiful, and for the love of her life to fall in love with her. She had no idea she had the power all along within her to manifest her dreams and desires. Diving into witchcraft was like a fairytale and she was living it. Admits her research into all things magical, she comes across a website dabbling in dark magick and a coven of black witches. They promised everything her heart desires and more. She just needed some blood. At first she ran from the idea, but when things aren’t going as planned, she agrees.

She was never told of the dangers of blood magick and now she was on the run from witch hunters determined to burn her at the stake. When things go from bad to worse and her new fiancé is found dead in their apartment, she’s put on trial for the gruesome events that took place in those short months.
Colour Scheme: Dark colors, Black
Pictures/inspo (must provide): It won’t let me add a picture…But I found one of a girl’s mouth sown shut. It’s not as gruesome as it sounds lol something along those lines.
Specific Idea (be detailed): anything dark, witchy. Full blood moon. Pentagram. Nothing too flashy :slight_smile:
Other requests?

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