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Yes, I do both. But, if it is not published, you must be sure you do have plan for publication.


At some point when I feel it is ready, it will be published, I will make a request.

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I hope this meets your request. This was quite entertaining to make, though my PS crashes so many times during the making

Click to view and save the full, unstretched image or tell me if you are using it so I can turn it premade.

Mock Up:


Just popping in to ask if I should follow you or not. I wasn’t sure if I should since you didn’t exactly accept the request. :sweat_smile:


Please do because in fact I just finished your cover! Here is the mock up version:


Oh My GOD! My heart… That is incredible. Even better than I expected.

There’s just a little, teeny, problem. The title is Necromancy In D Minor. Not Necromancer. I hope it’s not too hard of a fix(?) I’m following you either way since you did such an awesome job :smile:


No problem, I fixed it! Here it is


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Nope, I don’t use twitter :sweat_smile: I updated the above post with the cover. :slight_smile:


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Title: Feral

Author: Rea Rains

Subtitle: None

Genre: Paranormal (werewolves/vampires/witches)/Elements of urban fantasy


Nadia was born to the snow. Only a child, she became half feral, left to the cold and the wild. She spent the earliest years hiding in the brush and mimicking the small things. And always, always avoiding the large creatures. The bears, big cats in the trees, and the wolves roaming the ground.

She feared the wolves the most, yet they called to something long buried within her. She watched them from the places she hid, curious and eager to learn. Searching for something; something for which she had no words. The bare bones of a language she once knew, long forgotten in favor of survival.

Half starved, barely aware of the world she tried to go to them. A yearning, a whisper that they were safe, safe, safe drove her to try, but she was too weak to reach them. Too weak to call out to the dangerous creatures her very bones demanded to be near. She collapsed on the snow.

That was when his feet came into view, and everything Nadia knew changed.

Colour Scheme: Black/Grey/Gold (A kind of fog/mist look), Red

Pictures/inspo (must provide): I’m afraid I’m not the best at finding images, but here are some,

88bdce34bf38a3d7e3d4c7e2e73c07ff 96549c4f06348b17a002b032cd84e484

Specific Idea (be detailed): I have this idea of a girl with red or auburn hair and gold eyes looking over her shoulder, with her hair blowing around in the wind. In the background, there’s a foggy landscape with mountains and/or trees peaking out.

I don’t mind if the cover doesn’t fit this idea exactly, so long as the gold eyes (if shown) and red hair are kept, as they’re key elements to the story.

Other requests?: Nope, thank you for taking the time to look over this request!


Hello, your request is accepted. However, I recently altered the rules and I no longer accept usernames on the cover. If you are willing to change your author name to your real name or pen name, I will accept this request. (P.S. I already finished the base for it.)

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Please complete payment of a permanent follow. Credit can be done after delivery. Thank you for requesting.


Title: The Sparabara Series
Author: Wandering1234
Genre: Alternate History (This is fantasy. Man in the High Castle is also a mixture of fantasy/sci-fi)
Description:Imagine if the world of Herodotus, Leonidas, Augustus and Caesar never existed.

The world of antiquity has changed for all eternity.

The magnificent Persian Empire has defeated the Spartans at Thermopylae and the Athenians at Marathon. Now, Persia has expanded into Europe, destroying the barbarian tribes to the north.

1000 years have passed. Technology has declined in many ways. The Persians still fight in the same way as their descendants did. The Bronze Age still truly prospers. They have learnt the art of navigating from the Phoenicians, expanded to Africa, and now rival the last two remaining powers. Egypt, and Carthage.

This series introduces three new characters: TARONISH, a rising colonel in the Persian Army. Nevadan, head of the 109th Immortal Legion. And Pantea, a daughter of the King Rushad.

The King commands Taronish and Nevadan, to travel to the New World. To find out what has been stirring ever since the first Phoenician ship set sail to the new world. And to wrest Chinese influence from the continent.

Historical accuracy is low, more entertainment.

The King commands Taronish and Nevadan, to travel to the New World. To find out what has been stirring ever since the first Phoenician ship set sail to the new world. And to wrest Chinese influence from the continent.

Colour Scheme: Royal Purple, dark gold, ember flames, blue ocean
Pictures/inspo (must provide):
More than happy to do so.


Specific Idea (be detailed):
I am imagining the city of Persepolis (pictures provided) - where a great fleet sets out to the new world. I am not good at describing how I wish to see it. But bascially at one end is the new world - with pyramids/bustling cities in Ancient Mexico. And on the other, we have a port of Persopolis, where ancient ships (triemes) are setting out to see this new world.

Think of the Spanish meeting the Aztecs, like a cover where you would get the Spanish ships embarking onto the new world.

Only this time its Ancient Triemes embarking onto the new world.

That is idea concept 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Idea concept 2:

A dark red trieme disembarks onto the shores of the new world. The atmosphere is golden, the trieme disemabrks (front view of the bow of the trieme) The sun is bright, and there are tropical plants covering it. But instead, the Persian trieme will have the glorious symbol of Ahura Mazda on its sails.

To imagine it is like this:

This is a Roman trieme - note red.

But our trieme will be golden.

This is taken from a video game, but you see the symbol of Ahura Mazda on that sail? That’s what I want.

So golden trieme (literally its all gold) and sails (dark red with gold for Ahura Mazda and his wings)

If you see that already broken ship, that golden trieme - imagine it the opposite as if it were landing in the new world.

AC Odyessy:

So in simpleness: Title: Wandering Storyteller
Golden trieme dismebarking on the beach, and tiny minature figures on the ship. The sails will represent a gold Ahura Mazda(the man with the wings~) with a backdrop of dark red.

Feel free to use the colours/make this cover as you wish.

Similar to this:

Other requests?

I really need this cover because I have this atrocious cover for it taken for a video game.

Pick what is best for you, use colours that you think can work, but otherwise, I hope you accept this.

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Title: Wild Magic
Author: K.V. Torre
Subtitle: A Pathfinder Adventure as told by Halissa Olaris
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Do you know Dungeons and Dragons? Well Pathfinder is like that game. This story is our campaign and characters from the perspective of my character, Halissa. She is a half-elf sorceress who has wild magic. Wild magic means that every single time she does a spell, there is a chance it will go bonkers. At one point she hits herself with a fireball. The campaign is called The Dragon and The Sword, and our mission is to collect the pieces needed to summon a dragon before the cult does. Halissa has dark hair and golden eyes, she’s very tall and slim(6’5" and only 90lbs).
Colour Scheme: Dark, I’d like the focus to be a contrast of fiery magic. Halissa mainly does fire spells but she is also a healer. She’s of a celestial bloodline.
Pictures/inspo (must provide):

Specific Idea (be detailed): I don’t have anything too specific in mind, something important to note is that Halissa’s fingers glow like fire when her wild magic is active or triggered. She also follows Pharasma, so the spiral photo above is her symbol if you’d like to include that. It could be coloured differently as well.
Other requests? As soon as I saw your examples I knew I needed to put in a request, your fantasy covers are gorgeous!


Title: Secrets & Lies
Author: Angel Durham
Genre: General Fiction but it is apocalyptic

The world was overtaken by a combination of disease and radiation. Those that remain are immune, but there are some who are more than human due to the disease that infected them when the nuclear bombs were dropped.

Allerleirauh was a woman who has contracted the disease. She lives within the crumbling ruins of DC with others, outcasts who didn’t fit in with the new society. When Allerleirauh meets another infected, she thinks the encounter will end with them killing each other…but what if they team up and expose the truth?

A crumbling city, a wall between the broken and the new. What will happen when Allerleirauh discovers she is the most powerful of them all? Will she destroy everything or pave the path for a new beginning?

Colour Scheme: Blacks, greens, greys and whites.
Pictures/inspo (must provide): ]
The drawing I found long ago when looking for references for Happiness so I could give my readers a little extra help in imagining him in case my description was confusing as well as for myself when writing him to keep my mental image of him. He isn’t quite like this but it’s close enough.V

The best I could find and it’s not even the type of wall I was thinking, this wall is massive and made of concrete, big enough to hide skyscrapers but it doesn’t need to be seen on that scale

Related image

A book cover just because I know those teo up there are not enough

Image result for apocalyptic book covers

Specific Idea (be detailed): I don’t really have one, but here is something for you to hopefully work with: A woman with a black hoodie on, the hood up and her back to the reader. You can see her breath drifting to the side as it’s colder (but not snowing) and maybe have her in front of some ruins or a hole in a wall, through the hole you can see an intact city. If possible, she does have a dog, Happiness who is a pure white husky but due to the radiation and his mutations (mainly how he got them) he has fur missing in places, his body is torn up and he looks like a zombified dog. His eyes are also white (a key thing for those who have mutated). If any hair is showing on the girl, she has dark hair, maybe her sleeves can be rolled up but it’s not necessary, she has really pale skin. Also, maybe she has a gun at her hip.

This is mainly something for you to work off of, I started out with no idea and then formed one.
Other requests? None, I tried my best to find examples though



Sorry, but a big decline. You are asking too much of me that it seems almost impossible.



Here is your cover. I’m not quite sure about the colour scheme, but red is also listed. I hope it’s okay!

Tell me if you will use it.

Click at the picture to see the original size and download.


This is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much! I will definitely be using it~


Just what I imagined and more!! Thank you so much for this! I am so thrilled and I am putting this right away (and I’ll give you credit, of course)

You’re so talented, this is perfect! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart: