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Sorry, but I don’t think I can do this justice. Thank you for requesting.



I’ve always wanted to try something like this. Reminds me of webtoons. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I really love your book covers. Perhaps you could do another design with your own ideas and twist on it?

How long do you think it’ll take? Just so I know when to check back on the forum :slight_smile:


I’m never a person to take creative liberty, I think that way the cover wouldn’t come out the way one would want it. You should at least give me one specific idea. I even wrote in my form to be detailed. So, unless you give me concise ideas, I’m afraid I have to deny.


Thank you for accepting! I’ve completed the payment <3


@scmimi Updated my original post with some more specific visual ideas :slight_smile:



Thank you! Those are very nice ideas, I feel inspired. :slight_smile:


SUBTITLE:Book One in the Hooded Capes Quartet or Hooded Capes Quartet 1
GENRE:Drama/Superheroes/General Fiction/Fantasy
DESCRIPTION:Ashley thought she could fit in being normal, go through life without any struggles. Then her life is forever changed when a Hero learns of her deep secret and they band together to discover the darkest conspiracy yet
COLOUR SCHEME: dark gray and blue
SPECIFIC IDEA (BE DETAILED): my vision for the book is a faded upside down city of new orleans in the background with a mask starting to dust like how thanes did to most of the people in infinity war (still hurts) if not could be a typography like cover with heroish designs


I really want to accept this request, but the queue is so full. If you don’t mind waiting for a while, I can accept your request.


Ps. Also, I just got Photoshop CS6 yesterday :tada::confetti_ball:, I bought it with my Chinese New Year red packets haha. So, I might disappear for a while as I try to figure out how to get it to work. I’m so new to the Photoshop interface, I might need some hours to learn all the features. :sweat_smile:


take as much time as you need, I know its worth the wait



I’ll update the queue later on in the day. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome :heart: Good luck with it :partying_face::partying_face:



Not sure if I managed to meet your expectations. For this particular cover, you can request changes for font colour and borders because I feel like they don’t look uniformed with the other covers from the series. (If you know what I mean.)

I hope you like it.

Click here to download.


Only thing I could ask to be changed is maybe have the golden leafy parts in the two corners like the other two, I love it! And the only difference between font colors is the gold and silver, bit it’s not too bad, still clearly looks like a series, you once again completely surprised me!

I also figured out the color scheme for Annihilation, most likely will be blacks on that one, but I’ll wait awhile on that one, I actually plan to go full steam on the Lazarus Academy series after I finish my WIPs Kassidy and Torrents of Rain (and after two co-writing projects) but those two projects may not take a ton of time, the one I live in a completely different time zone with a big time difference with my co-writer, so we may not always be able to write, and the other one we have a good start on and I can easily write it along Ascension


Of course! I’ll get that sorted out and get back to you later in the day. Glad you like it.




Oh, and remove the flame border, I looked at it again, and feel it would be too much with the leaves (that’s all)



Here it is!

Click to download.


So wonderful :heart: I wish I knew how to do similar edits :heart_eyes: Do you think you could make a few small tutorials for some tricks you use? Sorry if it’s asking for too much :sweat_smile: