SONATA ソナタ Cover Shop | OPEN |




Here’s your cover! I hope you like it. Tell me if you will use or not. If you for don’t forget to credit me. :slight_smile:

Click to view actual size and download.


Btw I’ll read through the new requests soon.


I won’t accept this yet, but I’ll attempt it and tell you how it goes. :slight_smile:



Sorry, I don’t think I can pull it off.


I’m sure whatever you come up with will be wonderful. Thanks for considering :smile:



Please complete payment and expect a few days of wait. I have to take a work trip to China and won’t have access to Wattpad in another five days (cause of the China foreign sites ban…)



There’s barely any detail for me to work off.


Done. About the credit part, do you want me to give you credit before or after the cover is done?Thank you so so much for accepting my request. Means a lot! Have a nice trip. :blush:


Do it after would be appropriate, thank you! I’ll edit the rules to make it clearer soon. :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you anyway


Wowowowow, this is perfect! Above and beyond what I wanted! I’ll be sure to credit you as soon as I publish the story, which should be in the next couple days. Thank you again, it’s perfect!


No problem!



I’m finally back with my laptop and will be going through the requests ASAP~~



That is one amazing cover design.



Are you still doing any covers?


I do non-committing requests. :slight_smile:


Thanks, what is a non-commiting request? Can you clarify?


I will neither accept or decline your request straight away. Instead, I will selectively choose only the one which I have inspiration to make and attempt to make them first before getting back to you. I hope this is understandable.


Okay np. I have no issue with that at all being fully aware of the fact you are very busy. I’ll make a request. Do you do covers for books that haven’t been published? Do you do short stories?