Songs suggestions


Hey guys! So I’m running out of beautiful songs to listen to,and I wanted to know if you have songs to recommend me?
I prefer calm songs :slight_smile:


I’m more of a metal and hard rock fan, so I don’t think I’d help much.
However, I got this really emotional calm song that I love called “Human” by Christina Perri.

Hope you like it :heart:


Oh I know that song! It’s a perfect song tbh I’m in love with it!
Btw I also listen to rock but a very calm rock lol I listen to The Fray, it’s not really rock but anyways :sweat_smile:


I’d recommend EDEN/Eden Project, in particular songs like:

Calm/slower songs:
Death of a Dream
Times like These

Emotional/meaningful lyrics:

Falling in reverse
Wake Up

And here are songs by other artist:

Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
Keep me in mind - Cape Cub
Used to be - Arrows to Athens
Scribble - Puppet
For the first time - The Script

Uplifting/more positive songs:

Alaska - Sky Sailing
Run Away - Said the Sky
Endlessly - The Cab
Chin up - Puppet
Montana - Owl City (acoustic version is beautiful)
Want you - Rynx
Matches - Ephixia (dance song, if it’s not your thing I recommend the acoustic version)
Where’d U Go - ILLENIUM

All in all, it depends what you like. Eden project, puppet, Rynx, ILLENIUM, and some of Owl City lean techno/electric a bit, the rest are more traditional guitars and vocals. I hope you enjoy some of these!


Cool :grinning:
I’ll check them out :+1:


If you like calm music, these are beautifully calm:


Take my playlist lol calm songs are all i listen to :joy:

Oblivion - Bastille
Heavenly Father - Highasakite
Berlin - Ry X


Thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot! You’re amazing!


Haha yayy calm songs team! Thank you!


Thank you so much, I’ll listen go them :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, I hope you like them. :wink:


I really enjoy anything billie eillish… basic but hostage is her best one


I know one of her songs - idontwannabeyouranymore and it is great!


another one of her gud songs!


Yeah for real !


how was your day?



Fine, how about yours ?


Thank you so much!


good but a little boring