Sorting Fantasy stories by "Rising"...

On a lark, I decided to check out Fantasy stories and sorted them by “Rising”.

What tops the list?

A bunch of fanfic about The Witcher. Or even Kpop singers. Heck, there’s more fanfic than original works near the top, despite the fact that Fanfiction is its own distinct category.

Most of the stories at the top also have ten of thousands of views already, and scrolling down gets you to stories that have only a few thousand or even a few hundred views.

So the “Rising” sorting fails to help writers with new stories that are taking off, and instead serves as a pedestal for writers who are already on top with established stories. Even if those stories don’t even fit the genre in question.

The rankings and lists are pretty broken and have been for some time. I think most readers these days go from public reading lists to find new books until Wattpad fixes it. There’s also talk of adding a block feature for tags in the future.

(Also: rising will always show works based on recent engagement - so there’ll be larger authors on there just because they’ll get engagement bursts every time they update.)


The ranks have been broken for 2 years, and we use tag rankings now, not genre rankings.

Your frustrations are valid, but everyone’s sort of tired of begging Wattpad to do something about it.