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Title: When Time Runs Out

Author: liveandbedaring_07

Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance

Short Summary:
One day the clock runs down and you’re left wondering where all that time was wasted. Sometimes you wonder if you did enough; if you lived enough; if you have the proof to show that you made your time worthwhile.

Emma Roland has spent every moment of her life living to the fullest. The clothes she wear, the food she eats, and the people she spends her time with are all indications of the way she lived. But there comes a moment when you’re forced to stop and take a breath. Not everything is always so good and so fun; not every moment of your life will have a happy ending. And when Emma is forced into the darkest moment of her life, she fears that nothing will be able to save her.

Except maybe him.

Anything else: You can focus on whatever you think is important for my own personal improvement :slight_smile: Any specific things you can say about the overall flow of the story is great!

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Title: Searching For Christian

Author: T. A. McPherson

Genre: Young adult

Short Summary: Basically a girl is trying solve the 12 year old mystery of her friend’s death.

Anything else: It’s not posted but I’d be able to send you a pastebin link in pm.

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Hi Eden Soul! I’d love to hear your opinion on my story if you have time :slight_smile:
Your thoughts on all areas would be helpful for me to grow as a writer.

Title: :Edogon – Revised (2018)
Author: LadyDestinysTragedy
Short Summary: An army brat to the core, Avery’s just starting out her career when she becomes Dune Quinn’s new target when his friends bet that he can’t get her to fall in love with him. Will Dune surpass Avery’s barriers to win the bet? Sci-fi Action set in 3098
Anything else: This story is a rewrite of a story I wrote 8 years ago with a new plot, more diversity in characters and more well rounded personalities.
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Title: Persistent Silence

Author: ARLockhart

Genre: YA Horror

Short Summary: For over thirty years, the rural town of Norwell has lived in fear of the Shrike, the grisly serial killer who preys on children who wander alone into the woods. Their bodies are found weeks later, mounted on trees far from where they disappeared. Willow Sinclair knows the town’s fear all too well-she found the body of the last victim when she was only twelve years old. Now sixteen, the experience still haunts her waking and dreaming life.

When on a field trip at the recommendation of her therapist, Willow and her friend, Mark, uncover an unsettling journal recalling a first-hand encounter with the Shrike, propelling the two into a terrifying world of secrets that must remain buried, mounting mysteries that no one can answer, and increasing danger the more they uncover.

Everything they thought and believed about the Shrike is wrong, and worse, HE now knows they’re aware of his secrets. The race is on for Willow and Mark to find the answers that can save them before HE can catch up to them.

Anything Else: I want to make sure the story is engaging.

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Title: Air Born
Author: @juniormint94
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy

Short Summary: After a mysterious fire destroys her home, seventeen-year-old Orion Candor begrudgingly moves to the peculiar town of Crystal Manor in her grandmother’s passed down home. There, she has to start anew, but all she wants is to blend in. But after a near-death experience exposes her unexplainable powers to the public, she’s enrolled at Isoria Academy, an elite school for elemental sorcery in the enchanting country, Isoria.

As she tries settling into her new regime in this new world, it becomes clear that her powers are different from her classmates and starts attracting unwanted attention. And after discovering a hidden journal in her house, Orion’s convinced her long-dead grandmother, Cordova, is linked to her erratic powers. Determined to solve what they are and how to control them, Orion follows Cordova’s clues, only to find herself deep in a twisted puzzle that threatens her life. She soon unravels that moving to Crystal Manor and discovering Isoria was not a twist of fate, but someone’s mission, and must solve the riddles before her foes do, or risk losing what Cordova sacrificed everything for.

Anything else writing style, emotions and reactions, grammar, character development : Does the first paragraph hook you in? Would you keep reading after the first chapter?

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Title: Gregory Girls Gone Wild

Author: @arthia

Genre: LGBT Romance

Short Summary: The water supply at Gregory College is poisonous–downright fatal–to anyone unlucky enough to taste even drop. Rainey’s job is to deliver free water bottles to her fellow students, and without a doubt, she’s kickass in her role. But when she’s put in charge of the newest employee, Danika, who’s sweet and gorgeous and maybe a little dumb, Rainey finds herself fumbling–and not for a water bottle. The problem is Danika is as straight as can be and possesses the unfortunate habit of getting on every single one of Rainey’s nerves.

Rainey’s got a couple secrets of her own, and she’s drowning in them. Family trouble, money problems, a water crisis, petty theft going around her college apartment–maybe she does need help. And try as she might to resist, Danika’s ready to have her back, and claim her heart while doing it.

Anything else: The flow, if it’s too text heavy, or any other suggestions

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Thank you in advance!


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