Sourcebooks Casablanca


Heyo, I`m looking to get one of my books published via Sourcebooks Casablanca. I was wondering if anyone knew if it cost anything from me to publish via them. Thanks!


A publisher should never cost you anything.

Have they actually contacted you? By the sounds of it, I’m guessing that’s a no.


No, it’s an unagented thing. I can send it. I’m only askign because Page Publishing costs money to publish via them


As far as I’m aware Sourcebooks will cost nothing to publish through them if selected. They used to partner with Wattpad to publish some of their authors via contest winnings and allowed people to submit to them via wattpad using a hashtag.


Ah okay! Thank you!


Run away from any publisher that asks you for money.


Sourcebooks is, to my knowledge, a legit traditional publisher. A small one, but traditional and reputable. They won’t charge, but they will be HIGHLY competitive.

Page Publishing is a vanity press. Run like the frickin’ plague is after you.


Yeah, I asked them how much it would be and they said fricken 3300! That’s not worth it!


A vanity press is never worth it.

They aren’t in the business of selling books. AUTHORS are their customers, not readers. They produce extremely low quality books, and they price them too high to sell. Then they use all kinds of hard sell techniques on the authors to get them to buy their own books to sell or to do things like buy special (worthless) marketing packages.

Either self publish – where you hire freelancers to do the work you can’t do – or traditionally publish, which doesn’t cost you a dime. Do not fall in with a company that charges you to publish (even if they market themselves as an aid to self publishers). While there is a small percentage of those companies who are on the up-and-up, 95% of them are scammers.


My friend Juliet published with them. They are legit and did a good job with editing and promotion. If you can land a deal with them, you are in good hands (unless your book flops – then they can be a little bit of a jerk about it).


The one book I know they published through here is $26, and thats not even with tax!


Thats good to know! Thank you!