Spaces getting removed when story is published

Just now I tried to update my current WIP with a pre-written text that I copied and pasted from my Word document. The spaces between the words are allright in the original Word document, and they are allright in the editing window on Wattpad before I hit the Publish button. But as soon as I do, every few words the spaces between them are removed. So after publishing I have to edit the whole text manually to put in the spaces that Wattpad had removed.

This has not happened before with my other work.

Thanks for posting this thread, because I have a similar problem but don’t know how to say it. For me, the problem isn’t with the spaces between the words, but rather the ones between the paragraphs. I always have to go back to remove those extra spaces.

Also, there’s another similar problem where the first word of the chapter get seperated in a very weird way. For example, if I start the chapter with “Maybe she can help you”, it’ll come out like this:


aybe she can help you."


Yeah, I’ve reviewed a few books with extra lonnnnnng spaces between paragraphs :thinking: I’ve never had it happen myself though. Could it be a browser or font issue? I know that when I posted off a specific browser, two chapters would be created rather than one scratches head.


Seems like others have the same problem too. I suspect that it’s a bug on the app, since I use the app, but I’m not sure.


Yeah. Good ol’ WP has a few glitches to keep things interesting…


Yup, when I post copies from Word all my gaps between paragraphs disappear and there’s just even gaps between any new lines. It’s a pain, but I have a fair bit of dialogue so it spaces out for easy reading (I used to go in and edit so new paragraphs were clear but it took forever - and people being able to follow the text is more important to me than perfect structure)

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That must be some issue with new lines in my case, because the missing spaces appear in such a short frequence that it looks like every time there is a new line in the published version, the space between the last word of the first line and the first word of the second line disappears.

I’m using the browser version of WP, and I came across this problem just now. So I think it’s not exclusively the app.

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I use the browser too - and it’s ‘new’ (not very new for me - I’m pretty sure it started last year, but it definitely didn’t used to do it at some point that I can’t remember anymore)

Easy fix: before pasting > right click > paste text without formatting = done.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you though.


I had the opposite case though. I had remove spaces. Ex:

“Hi! My name is yada yada.”

“My name is yada yada too!”

Had extra space in the middle but it soon got removed on its own.

I think I got this now.

There was no way for me to paste it without formatting, but this time I went to the preview and checked it there - the spaces were in order. From there I published it. Seemed to have worked.

Either that, or the issue had been solved by someone from the staff…

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It’s a glitch that has been happening since 2016.

However, it usually only happens to the last the paragraph of the paste block. So, if you’re copying in all your paragraphs at once, you’ll only have to fix the last paragraph. But … you have to publish the chapter first and then edit the chapter after to fix it. They don’t show up until after you hit publish the first time.

And it doesn’t always happen, so you just have to check each time.

Bummer, I know.


Oh, don’t even get me started on this. I have the exact same problem. It is the sole reason I stopped typing in Word first—I first type into Wattpad now and THEN copy it into my Word file. It’s so annoying.

In my experience, it happens throughout the text I copy, not just in the last paragraph.

Well, the Wattpad interface has become much more stable over the last two years, so that’s not as much as an issue as it used to be, but I still don’t trust it to put my first drafts there. I always write in Word or Google Docs first and deal with the spaces later.

That’s really strange.

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I can confirm that this issue still exists. My Grammarly was going out of whack on Wattpad, so I had to use Grammarly on my Word file to fix the errors. And when I copied text from Word to Wattpad, this issue reared its head again. :confused:


I just checked the chapter I published last night. I had spaces removed only in the two paragraphs that were the “last paragraphs” of a set I had pasted in. No other issues.

Oh, weird glitch then.

In any case, since “paste without formatting” is not showing for you, another option would be to copy-paste it on Google Docs, and from there paste it on WP. That seems to fix the spacing problem for some people too.

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