Spam User Reports Closed Without Action

Sometimes HQ is compiling information to track down what’s happening with those kinds of accounts. They can sometimes come up with a system that takes them down in bulk, rather than one at a time.

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Oh that would be super nice!

Wattpad really need to come up with better safety features to stop hate spam from getting all over profiles and books as well as PM’s. I know I’m not the only one who is dealing with harassment on this site and users do need the safety measure.

Hate is not usually ‘spam’—it’s the work of an individual or a group of individuals. There’s a protocol for dealing with hate or harassment:

First of all, the victims should be the ones reporting. Multiple people who aren’t involved reporting an account slows down the process, clogging the system with reports that can’t be verified.

1) Report the account. This is done by going to the profile and clicking the three dots … and clicking Report [username] and using hate / harassment.

2) Screenshot any evidence - messages, etc. You can also report PM’s, comments and flag forum posts.

3) Hate account should be muted using the same three dots … then clicking Mute and following the prompts.

If it is a repeat offender, make sure you put that information in your report.

Do the same with every account that pops up.

Mobile users see this article on Shake for help:

4)Once your ticket is filed, you can check it (on the web) by going to Help - signing in and clicking My Activities to find the proper ticket. Screen shots and other information can be add to the ticket there also.

Once they have opened the relevant ticket they can see the information they filed with the ticket and under that there’s a round gray circle with a head silhouette above a comment text box. I usually just put “Screenshots added.” or some such note there, and any other information I want to add to the report.

Just below the text box is a gray paper clip icon. From a PC, either click on ‘Add files here’ and browse to the picture file or open a file manager, find the screenshot file and drag and drop file on top of the paper clip. You should see the file name, and a blue line as the file uploads. When the line disappears, the file is done - the name should still show.

You can also add new accounts here rather than reporting separately.

DO NOT engage with hate accounts. Don’t start fighting with them, posting on their wall, sending messages or sending your friends to do so. DO NOT ‘expose’ them in messages or in stories, or you will be breaking the guidelines yourself. Be patient and let Wattpad handle the matter.


It doesn’t help when they keep making multiple accounts though… And by then the damage has been done. And it’s a huge hassle deleting comments in the books and the wall by the same person who makes the multiple accounts.

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Okay it’s happening again. I reported a user for breaking Rules of Conduct and the report was closed within a minute and made unbumpable in the Support page. So I responded to the email with links and images, which took me about fifteen minutes to compile properly. Then I got two emails saying, in various ways, that they’d closed that ticket. I went to Support and the ticket was still open, so I bumped it.

This is an actual user issue and I want to be polite and cordial and not frustrated about it, but after dealing with reporting a relatively small thing for half a day I cannot imagine what I would do if I were actually being harassed. I’ve also been informed that yet another person no longer reports at all because of the glitchy system. Tumblr uses Zendesk, too, and yet for some reason I’ve managed to get human responses from them and they’ve solved problems with me. It’s four times the work to do so with Wattpad. If this somehow isn’t near the top of things to fix, please make that effort. We need it to have a safe community.


I’ve bumped too and nothing still happens.

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@yvesdot Tried PM’ing an ambassador like @WorldsInsideMyHead or @Angelic_Vamp about the issue, Yves? :slight_smile: I’m sure they’ll help you.

I’ve only ever gotten one user response and it was because I was in a beta program for their coin thing :see_no_evil:


My reports have always been attended to, Julia :slight_smile: Even the spam ones. Sometimes, within hours of reporting.

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My spam ones get automatically closed :thinking:
ones that are about platform glitches get quick responses.


Mine too. That’s an auto-response. I just go and fill the report a second time.

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Huh. I’ve just stopped reporting them because it always closes my tickets no matter what I do.


Don’t ever doubt Support, Julia. I know I’m not the best person to stand up for them–but always believe in them. They are a small team and one of the loveliest, nicest people of Wattpad HQ. They taught me so much, even incorporated some of the edits I suggested in the help page articles.


They are the nicest people, if you can get to them. I had the nicest experience when I got to a person, I’m just doubting I’ll get to a person reporting spam.

I agree that they are the best, but I’m not a fan of the autoclosing :see_no_evil:


Ok, just to point out right now WP’s system is a bit of ill if you check their status so it could be affecting the reports too. Another is it is the beginning of the month which means some staff went vacay but some had to handle every users’ report alone.

If there is a problem even after waiting, bumping, sending through bug ticket then you can PM me and I’ll try what I can check and do.


Yep; if I haven’t heard back in a week I’ll contact you directly. I appreciate the help—I never know which mods to go to ;^^


Literally just got one 10 minutes ago. When I first started reporting them, they would take the profile down within a day, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. I probably get followed by one of these accounts every week. :tired_face:


Just got three follows in a matter of days. These spam accounts are getting worse.

PM me the accounts and I can check later