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what’s up nerds, my name is julia & welcome to my little shop for trailers. as you may have suspected, i’ll be making trailers, which includes teasers, full-length, opening credits, character videos, and ship videos. a quick breakdown of each type is provided below:
- teasers range between 0:50-1:00. usually does not contain any text (besides the title, obviously)
- trailers range between 1:00-3:00. i usually keep my trailers p short though, as you can probably tell by my examples
- opening credits are usually about a minute and they’re used to introduce your cast
- character and ship videos are also around 0:50-1:00 and they’re used to introduce a character or a ship from your story

follow my rules + we’ll get along just fine.
1. your book MUST be published with at least 3 chapters (not including the author’s note, the synopsis, the graphic gallery, etc)
2. be patient. i have another graphic book on my profile & i still have to finish those requests. also, trailers take a shit ton of time to make.
3. don’t be rude. since trailers take a lot of time, i’m going to be really picky when choosing which requests to accept.
4. payment is a comment on two full chapters of any of my stories + a credit. half assed payments = half assed trailers. if you wanna stalk my youtube channel & drop some likes that’ll also be much appreciated lol
5. password is your favorite fictional female character and why.

all i know is i won’t go speechless
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extra information
i tend to deny trailers that feature:
celebrities that aren't actors. it's just really difficult to make a cohesive trailer when the cast has no usable clips. this includes singers (some i will make an exception for, especially if their music videos are very story based), models, idols, etc.
text-heavy trailers. i know this might seem unusual but if you look at movie trailers and tv show trailers, they are not very text heavy! of course, that's because most have voice-overs/dialogue, but i try to make my trailers similar to that to maintain some level of professionalism in my work.
fandoms i'm not into. yes, i'm a huge marvel/harry potter/the umbrella academy fan. fandoms i tend to stay away from include the vampire diaries, supernatural, doctor who... those are the ones that immediately come to mind. sorry, but that's just my personal preference.

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damn, it's been a hot minute since i've been on the mdc. anyways, we open for requests!
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Hello !

Il would maybe be interested, but I am having a hard time reading your rules because everything is so small… :sweat_smile:

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@Sinadana here you go :slight_smile:


Thank you very much !

You’re welcome.

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try to lock me in this cage, i won’t just lay me down and die. i will take these broken wings and watch me burnt across the sky.
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Hi! Do you have any restrictions on face claims? There’s a story on @m1dg3t5 that could use a cast trailer, but it’s a K-pop fan fiction and face claims are mostly idols, this is why I’m checking before requesting.

haha i’m requesting another trailer i hope you don’t mind :slight_smile: (feel free to decline this tho!)

type of trailer. opening credits
text wanted. nothing other than what’s needed
title and author. house of cards by skylar
summary genre.
-ˋˏ 𝐌𝐀𝐔𝐑𝐀 𝐕𝐀𝐍𝐄 ˎˊ-

wasn’t always so glam and feisty. once upon a time when she was twelve, her parents died in a car crash and she was sent to live with her aunt in london. she hated it there. she was bullied for being an orphan and had little to no friends other than her best friend alexa mendoza. when she was thirteen, her aunt, jolene ruiz, enrolled her in a summer camp where she would learn how to dance, sing, and act. that’s when she met thomas stanley holland. the two became close friends when tom punched another boy for insulting her. the two kept in touch after that and by the time they were sixteen, the who had gone from friends to lovers.

but it seemed like fate wasn’t so fond of maura. just after tom got the news that he will be the next spider-man, they started to fight. at first it was just sarcastic comments and snarky comebacks, but it soon escalated to fights that would end with the two ignoring each other day and night. knowing that the relationship was no longer healthy for the two of them, tom broke up with her just before his flight to america.

heartbreak had turn maura’s bubbly and lively personality into something else. now she was feisty, sarcastic, and honestly? a bit of a bitch. but after a month or two worth of mopping, with the help of alexa, maura began a career as a singer, and soon after that, formed a band known as gen ace. the band took the world by storm when they released their first single, and soon became a familiar name to music lovers every where. when adonis hamilton gets the band signed up to make the soundtrack for the rom-com of the century, maura never thought that it would lead to her being face to face to the boy who broke her heart.
cast: becky g, tom holland, lauren jauregui, jordan fisher, hayley kiyoko, and froy guttierez
detailed ideas/mood. the mood has a sort of hate-love mood since the main characters are exes. i really like the heartlines opening credits so maybe make it similar to that. there should be scenes of a concert or the faceclaims singing. also, can you maybe add a sort of manip/video thing you like to do with your trailers between tom and becky/maura? (this is so messy i’m sorry)
colour scheme. light colors! i don’t have any in mind but i trust your judgement
house of cards by bts
want you back by 5sos
never be yours by zoe love smith
waking up slow by gabrielle aplin
(if you find better songs that fit the trailer, please use them!)
any clips. i haven’t find any but just use clips from their music videos
password. noora from skam because she’s such a queen

thank you for considering and dealing with my ass that keeps requesting your amazing graphics!

hi i’m literally in love with your trailers. like, they are amazing.

before i fill out a form though, i just wanted to check with you first. my story that i want a trailer for has harry styles portraying the love interest - it’s not a fan fiction, he is just portraying the character! i know some people might uncomfortable with working with celebrities for book trailers, so i just wanted to check before i spent time filling out a form. sorry if i’m a bother!

@hatefuls33 i usually tend to keep away from idols just because it’s really hard to find natural clips of them. i’m sorry!
@ohthosequirks you’re not a bother! and thank you for the compliment! like i said above, i usually tend to stay away from celebrities just because they tend to have unusable clips (i know harry was in dunkirk but i think that’s the only movie he starred in?)

hey babe! can you add some clips (preferably 2 per character), that would rly help a lot.
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@soulofstaars yeah, sadly it is! i mean, he does have a documentary out about the making of his first album. i wouldn’t mind searching through clips to find some for you, if that’s a possibility! sorry, i just feel like your editing style fits well with my story and just that you could capture it well!

what kind of trailer would you be requesting? because if you can find enough usable clips, i feel like i would be able to put together either a teaser trailer or an opening credits trailer. if that’s the case, feel free to look! but also, before you do, you might want to make sure the rest of the cast has usable/HD clips because it would suck if you had to look for harry’s only to find that another cast member has none, ya feel? :sweat_smile:

hahaha yes, i get it! thank you so much. and i was thinking of requesting either a teaser or a full trailer. i’ll get to work on filling out a form then, and obviously the last decision is up to you!

Oh, okay. Thx for the info. I guess that I’ll just make do with a cast list. Good luck with your thread anyway.

Thank you!

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Title: A Tale Of Blood & Bone

Author: Megan Williams


In a world of dark arts, the Clemenson witches have ruled with an iron fist for centuries-until the vampires returned to extinguish their peace.
As they trudge through the raging war, they are unable to protect their people from the fangs of their enemies.
The once-great witches grow weary as their forces fall one after another in a never ending struggle for victory.
As bloodshed ravages her world, Princess Caliana is suddenly forced to rule beside her cousin and fiance.
She faces her own treachery, whether to stay with her engaged partner or to follow her heart’s yearning for her childhood sweetheart.
With the war’s impending doom, the future of Veramos rests on dainty shoulders of the young, lovestruck witch.

Genre: Fantasy

Cast: Amaal Nuux as Caliana Clemenson (she’s the only character I want in the trailer)


https://youtu.be/iWkqQRQl6Lw I only want scenes with her on the balcony and the scene with the feathers flying around her face

https://youtu.be/94F-Am8CSAA I only want the scenes of the vampires biting/attacking people

•I also need clips of a palace but I can’t find any decent ones

•Clips with a fire burning people is good too


Tommee Profitt & Fleurie- Onward & Upward

Password: It’s so hard to pick but I’ll say Mary from Reign because her character development was great

Text: (When Magic Meets Madness) (In a world where witches have ruled for centuries) (Princess Caliana will endure tragedy, heartbreak, and betrayal) (While Struggling to defeat her enemies) (Will she survive the war that rages not only on the battlefield, but within herself?)

it’s so nice to see you back ^^