Spoken Word Poetry

How do you write it? With rhymes, prose or freestyle?

I like using rhyme, like a song. And I use whatever content I’m inspired to create; sometimes it’s prose, and sometimes it’s more metaphor and emotion. Either way, I follow my heart with my head and filter the words through my soul.


Real emotional content. It doesn’t matter so much what you write, or how you write it. What you should go for is letting the audience know how you are feeling about the topic. The best way to find a spoken word voice in your writing is to youtube spoken word poets, and find what impacts you the most.


I agree. Honestly, I feel like the best writing, is when a piece is raw and unfiltered. It covers everything you are feeling and is something real


Hi! I mix it up with prose and freestyle. For instance, I’ll have something like this, in Threads of Life:

The rocks were forming

and the sky was new.

Great circles up above:

lights were emerging,

it was near dawn.

And the Tree of all, its roots so deep,

made forests rise upward,

bid leaves to form,

and particles of a new life began to sprout.

It was the time of new beginnings -

all needed threads were forming.

But also this, in I AM:

‘‘I am not yesterday. Look at me. I am not tomorrow. Feel me. I am this moment, not the next, not the count – a moment in time spread across Eternity. I am not sorrow, nor am I pain. I am not bliss, nor am I hunger for enlightenment. I am neither you nor me, but the within. I am the Source of all my tomorrows and the memory of all my yesterdays, which are not me. If you draw closer, you can feel my heartbeat within yours. If you draw near, you’ll see you are me. I am neither now nor then, no leaf of because , and not a budding tree. If I were to explain myself to you, I would not use words. Words are for play.’’

I think what matters most is what you’re saying.

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I agree. Some of my best writing is best left unedited. I think Wattpad here offers us the great joy of sharing our material.

I personally usually use rhymes. Because I love recording and performing them I feel like it adds a vibe you know.
I also sometimes do freestyle.

Also…im a bit late to this convo :joy:

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i love rhyming