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All, I know we still have our Known issues however there might be more issues we’re overlooking. So please, tell everyone to get on over here and give us an earful <3



Sometimes I wish I could just jump through the screen and hog tie people to come test this thing :laughing: I posted it on my Twitter the other day but I really don’t know how many Wattpadders actually follow me there it may have done know good. I’ll try another shout out via my message board but even those usually fall flat. People need to stop ignoring me. I’m just a bunny, standing in front of a :wattpad:attpad, asking them to love her. :prisim:


I’ve jumped into a few different threads and asked different groups of people :slight_smile:


We could always try bribing people to give feedback. :rofl:


with what? :joy:


emoji bribes


I just thought of a great idea!

What if we could add something to people’s WP profiles that’s something to the effect of…

“Community Helper: I helped beta test the forums.” ?

idk what it would be though if badges aren’t a thing.


oh yeah, dang. if we move forward, badges are most likely to die


Maybe giving a long list of shout-outs on Twitter to everyone who beta tested?

like an image with a long list of usernames or something


Bribing people would go a long way in getting them to come and complain.


hm i like that.


Test the beta clubs and get a kitty (but you cant have this one, its mine)


But I want badges to stay. They make me feel accomplished.


adorable. Also I love the dark themeeee


Same tbh, but there’s already been people flagging friends for badges so, tough situation. :cat:


Yeah but that badge no longer exists.


Oh! Awesomeeee


omg is that yours?


Yup. That’s my Zelda. Shes my oldest. I also have Squeaker and Tick.