Sprinting Group

Word sprinting (also known as word wars) occur when a group of writers try to write the most words in a certain time frame. Word sprints can be really fun and encouraging! Plus, they’re a great way to push people to keep writing, and I highly recommend that you try sprinting at least a few times!

This is a thread where people can initiate sprints, write as much as possible, and celebrate their progress! Feel free to add yourself in the tag list, and if you aren’t at that trust level yet, simply ask a Member or Regular. :hugs:

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Would anyone like to sprint from 0:30 to 0:45? @ivyinneverland

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Sounds good


Yay! Beginning now!

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Can someone add me to the tag list? I can’t edit it


Sure! :hugs:

I got 501 words, what about you?

Not nearly as much as you :flushed:

I got 170 words

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Congratulations! It’s great to see that you are making progress! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I tend to write a lot when I’m sprinting but the majority of it isn’t the best quality. Still, it’s always great to have something down. You can’t edit a blank sheet of paper!

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I’m starting a new book so I’m exploring all the way I can write the first chapter so I got rid of a lot of words to start over. But any progress is progress, so I’m not complaining. At least the first chapter is done now and I actually like it.

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I’m gonna quietly sub this chat even though I know I currently don’t have time for word sprints :sweat_smile:


I’m on chapter five of one of my books (so relatively new). My planning process is pretty weird and different, but it works for me:
I sort out the beginning and the ending. I try see how the chapters in between can tie them together. I make a rough outline of what I want to happen in the middle and make a few tweaks to it. :hugs: I have just enough of a plan to set me on the right track and minimize too many filler chapters, but not so much of a plan that I feel obliged to stick to it and I have no flexibility in terms of adding new plot twists or ideas.

What genres do you like to write? Are you up for another fifteen minute sprint in two minutes? @dark-brohood

I plan everything to a T. The only thing I have to worry about when I write a chapter is what I do and don’t want my characters saying. Which isn’t so hard to do after I figure out the overall mood of the chapter.

I don’t want to constrict my creativity so I have books in a lot of genres. My current WIP is fantasy. But I will never write erotica, horror or fan-fiction so there’s that.


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Ooh, that sounds like an interesting technique! I literally wing what my characters say (I put in my plans to introduce characters and to have a discussion about something, but I don’t do any planning on the discussion itself). :eyes:


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Starting… now! Tagging @dark-brohood if he’d (I’m assuming he is a boy?) like to join!

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I wrote a little less than expected… 451 words only:

Usually I write between 450 and 600 in a fifteen minute long sprint. I just have to keep reminding myself that some progress is better than none! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Literally 90% of nearly 9000 words that I’ve written in this story are from writing sprints.

Anyway, how’d you do?

I got 354 words.

My word count varies a lot because it depends on how… inspired I am to write a certain scene. I always struggle with the first chapter because I pressure myself into making sure it’s one of my most interesting chapters so that I hook readers. but it’s out of the way now so my word count should be steadily increasing. 100% of my word count for most of my books is from doing sprints lol

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I literally spent a week writing my first chapter and polishing it before I posted it on Wattpad because I wanted it to be perfect. From there, my chapters were pretty easy to write because I wasn’t under the massive pressure of making the readers feel interested in the book in the first place.
Congrats on 354 words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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