Standalone Covers Within Same Series...

So… I have a short story series… but each story of that series has an unique character. So one story will be about industrial themes, another will be more spacey, another spiritual…
If I write the main series “Arkesyyan Chronicles” in one font style on all the stories, should all the different stories’ individual titles be written in the same font, or can they have their unique font?

It’d depend on what images you choose for the covers and what you think looks the best with it. I’ve hardly seen series covers with the actual title in a different font for each book but it definitely doesn’t matter. Whatever you see fit.

Okay, so here I have a good example.

This was my original cover before I discovered a main font for the series’ name. I chose the font for its industrial looking style:

But then I found a new font that will be the trademark of the “Arkesyyan Chronicles”:

Should I mix the old font for the “Industrial Magic” subtitle with the new “Arkesyyan Chronicles” font? Or keep it constant throughout, as in the second cover?

I like the style of the first cover with the font, but in my opinion neither caught my eye because the font kind of contrasts against the blurred background.

Hmm… Well thanks, that resolve my first dilemma. :smiley:
So you find the background too blurry? The concept is that HTML-like codes are what manipulates the fabric of the universe (I know it sounds Matrix-like, but it’s really not; it’s more like magical symbols being in fact complex instructions; just like a simple button “Buy Now” has a complex code behind that handles the whole thing).
Hence why a string of code overlapping over a landscape.

I get it! I just kind of thought the background was too blurry, the text placement also wasn’t amazing but keep in mind this is just my opinion. Not everyone will think this.

Haha, your opinion matters as well. :slight_smile:
I’ll find something else… Any ideas? Have you come across books with such a concept?