Star Trek Crossover Fan Fiction?

I decided last year to do a crossover between the Prime Universe and an alternate version of the JJ Abrams universe, so I’m wondering if any of you Star Trek fan-fiction fanatics have done anything “Trek-worthy” or really crazy and wild that defies description and violates every known canon law in the franchise?

(“You wanna get nuts…? Let’s get nuts!”)

I haven’t done it myself, but your idea sounds really entertaining!

What I have so far has erupted into controversy with the fandom at large.

Talk about a lot of hate mail at first.

Really? Because I think it sounds intriguing. Unusual, but intriguing.

Well, because it’s this: “Speaking from my experience, Trekkies can be cult-like in their belligerence, pettiness and hypocrisy if you don’t toe the party line. It is easy to criticize something that is not meant to play by the rules of the Prime Trek. If the gatekeeping fanbois simply step down their high horse and view things objectively; the KT is best appreciated as its own thing. Even their creators had the courtesy to refer to this iteration as an alternate reality. A kind gesture to keep the cohesiveness of the old Trek intact. The fandom certainly tries hard to convert and neuter the scope of the JJverse into yet another version of Prime TOS in the pedantic pursuit of continuity. As if people have forgotten the purpose of alternate universe stories in the first place. The often violent rejection of the Kelvin Timeline simply proves that the fandom is not yet mature enough to accept thinking that breaks the mold of the current construct of canon that has been the bedrock of Prime Trek. Regardless, nothing is being replaced/disrespected by the other and nostalgia/seniority aside, Prime TOS is not necessarily superior to the KT either.”

Well, obviously. But that’s why you make the setting and crosd-over aspect obvious in your blurb, so readers know what they’re getting themselves into. If you didn’t do that, I am not surprised that you got confused / disappointed / irritated people making angry comments. It’s all about the setup :wink:

That was from Jetfreak-7. But the moment I did the art commission for The Visitor people all over the internet were taking bets on the task force whooping the unholy snot out of the Vengeance.

That was on Deviant Art. Then I posted the art page commission on some seriously prominent Star Trek groups like Trekyards for example…? It was an instance where I got royally chewed out for even daringdaring to do such a crossover in the first place.

Because why? Because the Star Trek fandom (as indicated above in my last post) is dead set on everything following the franchise to the letter.

No crazy shit allowed. Not even this.

It took me a year to finally convince the fanbois of the franchise that this would have no impact on the Star Trek universe as we know it. It’s not canon.

Once they accepted that, they started accepting the fact that it was for fun and that nothing would change to impact their views on the universe in general.

However, even though it’s been a year since I started on this project, I am still getting flak for it–especially from the newcomers who aren’t familiar with the series.

But everyone else wants to read the fan fiction book this series has now spawned. And I’m not talking just a few. I’m talking hundreds if not thousands of fans across the internet.

And that’s a lot of people to cater to. :slight_smile:

I have never had an experience like that, but it does sound pretty unpleasant. At the end of the day, though, who cares about them? You have to write to suit yourself.

No, I’m sure you will never have that kind of an experience dealing with fans, but this was something I never expected. Not that I’m not used to it, but it showed me how tight people are with their favorite franchise and why some will go to such lengths to guard its “virginity”.

But such reactions haven’t impacted the series or my ability to write the book.

That’s good!