Star Wars Fans

Hello folks,

where are all my star wars fans? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m currently writing\rewriting a piece of star wars fan fiction. It’s set in the Old Republic era and it’s about an aging Jedi who’s been through the war and given up on the Force. He’s content to live out his days in exile until a Sith fleet threatens his planet, forcing him to take up the fight again and train a new apprentice.

Is anyone else writing in the Star Wars universe? I’d love to hear what your stories are about :slight_smile:


Do Star Wars crossovers count?

Sure why not :slight_smile:

I’m writing my own Episode IX. I really enjoyed TLJ (I know, unpopular opinion) and I also wanted to play off the Reylo ship (I know another unpopular opinion lol). I just want to create my own ending to the Skywalker saga before they finish it in a completely different way with the next movie.

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That sounds like it could be fun :slight_smile:

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I have just begun a novel set in the old Republic era about a Jedi apprentice that lost his master in the war. He is on his own and has forsaken the order yet not embraced the darkness. It’s entitled Life in the grey.

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That sounds really cool :slight_smile: the old republic is my favourite star wars era

Someone say Star Wars? I thought this was awesome: Probably PG-13 ratings.

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WOW! Now that was awesome!

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Fan Film $150,000 spent.

That is great, it’s better then the last two movies Disney’s made.

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I personally liked Rogue One and Solo. NT though? Meh.

Apparently there’s rumor that the Resistance will now only fill the seats at the holo table in the Falcon for the next movie.

Ugh. Enough is enough.

I’m kinda old school when it comes to Star Wars. I grew up reading the books and studying the lore of that universe. So when Disney just went and destroyed it all it kinda sucked all the joy out of it for me.

But that’s just my opinion.


That’s why my story is set in the Old Republic time line.

That’s how I feel too! I’m still bitter that Disney killed the old expanded universe

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I haven’t seen solo yet but I loved rogue one :slight_smile: I thought it was super great

I really didn’t enjoy the force awakens or the last Jedi though


Right now I am writing a crossover made from Teen Wolf, Grimm, Shannara Chronicles, Star Wars, 13 Reasons Why, Truth or Dare 2018, and Shadow Fight 3. The book is from a saga that supposed to have 7 books (I write 5 and I need to write 2 more)
The last 3 books, I am myself a character from the book that is a Grey Jedi and the padawan Ahsoka Tano. The action from the book it happens for Star Wars, after the end of Rebels and will have some ties with TFA and TLJ. Also, make me mad, but is possibly to exist a Sith pureblood in the time of Empire of Palpy? As far I know, they represent during SWTOR, a very small population in comparision with whole empire around 5-10%.
Unpopular opinion, I love TLJ and the porgs at maximum. Still, I wandering why the hell I must take care of Morai, when instead I can have a Porg, but what else to do if Ahsoka with Sabine try to find Ezra…

Wow Sounds like an ambitious project! I hope you have a lot of fun with it :slight_smile:

I’m more familiar with the old expanded universe and I am not up to date on what’s considered canon but to my knowledge The Sith species died out many thousands of years before emperor Palpatine era

So, Sith Pureblood are extinct. That must be total shock for characters to see an adolescent Sith with a purple lightsaber using Shien, Soresu, Juyo and at times replacing Juyo with Vaapad. I will make a background for him in the next book, but for sure time travel will fix everything. If the possessor of the Elder Blood from Witcher series can travel in time and space. It may adopt him as his own child and be the last of his kind.