Starting a BookTube Channel, Need Stories (CLOSED)

Hello everyone! I’m Sandcat, and I’m getting ready to start a BookTube channel. I love to read pretty much everything that has words, and I thought this would be a good way to showcase some gems. I’ll read any genre with the exception of erotica, but I can’t read Paid Stories at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What you’ll receive

  • I will read every currently posted chapter of your book.
  • I will comment when I feel the need or want to. These comments are never meant to be derogatory, but may suggest improvements. Usually, I try to be very positive with my comments.
  • Once I am finished, I will make a video talking about your book. Note that I am new to YouTube, so it will probably not be spectacular, though I will try my best.
  • Note that I may read very fast, and sometimes complete entire novels within a 24-hour period. I apologize if this results in me spamming your notifications.

What I expect

  • I have two stories. One is dark fantasy (Iron God series), the other is an environmental sci-fi thriller (Ouroboros). You may choose which one you want to read.
More information about Iron God

Blurb: Without the Iron God, the world is dying. Each day is colder and darker than the one before. Only a precious few remember the world as it used to be. The Razaghal are the lost god’s illegitimate descendants, many of whom have lived centuries or millennia even as scores succumbed around them. Yet even they are not safe. The Iron God’s disciples will stop at nothing to eliminate the Razaghal and bring back their god. However, as all involved will learn, the true predator is not the one they think they know, but an ancient horror greater than even the wisest can fathom.

Completed, need to edit. Not my absolute best writing, but still enjoyable for many.

Link to first book:

More information about Ouroboros

Blurb: The Institute for Cetacean Advancement quietly controls Earth, harnessing the intelligence of captive whales and dolphins to solve human problems. Dr. James Morris is their leading bioengineer. His best friend is Coda-9994, the genius and potty-mouthed hybrid sperm whale destined to be sent off to the ocean planet Ouroboros. With humans having rendered Earth’s ocean uninhabitable, the ICA insists it’s the only way to find a new homeworld to serve mankind’s needs.

But Coda doesn’t want to go. He grows angrier at Jim with each passing day for doing nothing. Desperate to redeem himself in Coda’s eyes, Jim finds himself tangled in a conspiracy to bring the ICA to its knees. But how willing is he to get his hands dirty? How far will they go to break humanity’s cycle of self-destruction?

Based on the short story that took first place in National Geographic’s “Planet or Plastic” contest.

Ongoing, updates every Wednesday


  • Based on the number of chapters in your story, we can negotiate a minimum number of chapters from mine for you to read. You’re always welcome to read more if you enjoy it.
  • While I don’t expect paragraph-long comments, even the occasional comment every once in a while is greatly appreciated.

To participate, fill out this form

Wattpad Username (if it’s different from your forum username):

Book Title:

Book Genre:

Number of Chapters:

Which of My Stories You Want to Read:

I accept up to 3 stories at a time. One story per user, please. First come, first serve.


this is so awesome

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Glad you think so. I’m new to the whole “making YouTube videos” scene, but I can talk about books all darn day.


Wattpad Username (if it’s different from your forum username):


Book Genre: Romance

Number of Chapters: 11

Which of My Stories You Want to Read: Ouroboros

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Username: @DazzieSh
Title: run away with me
Chapters: 31
Genre: adventure/dystopia
Which book I want to read: ouroboros

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Wattpad Username (if it’s different from your forum username): @translucidity

Book Title: Rayne On Me

Book Genre: Romance/Erotica

Number of Chapters: Three

Which of My Stories You Want to Read: Rayne On Me

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Do you want to read Iron God or Ouroboros?

Also, how erotic is your book? I don’t accept straight-up erotica.

It will have some mature scenes but the current chapters I have published are PG-13 & I’ll read Ouroboros

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Wattpad Username (if it’s different from your forum username): Eishes

Book Title: Namesake

Book Genre: Fantasy/ Alternate universe

Number of Chapters: 17

Which of My Stories You Want to Read: Ouroboros

Thank you so much if you accept me <3

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I’m currently full. Sorry. I’ll put you on a waiting list.


@Sandcat hi,

I’ll read Ouroboros, and have now added to my list.

I do not have many chapters published yet. Books 2 only has 2 chapters uploaded, Book 3 only have 1 uploaded.

1st choice Ling Fei
2nd . Shadow Walkers
3rd Princess Ting & Co

My profile is my username. Dominus001


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I’ll put you on the waiting list. Which story do you want me to read? I only do one per user.

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Ling Fei

Would it be possible for me to change my story submission?

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What do you want me to do instead?

A Tale Of Blood & Bone, it’s 16 chapters, I think you’ve already read some of it, and I’ve read some of Iron God.

Username: Rkaitlynn
Book title: Transformation, the beginning
Book Genre: fantasy/werewolf/romance
Number of chapters: 52
Iron god!

It’s so cool that you’re gonna start a booktube! What’s will be your name? I’m gonna check it out for sure!

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I’m currently full. Sorry.

However, I can squeeze you into my waiting list.