Starting a new creative group! 18+ (all creatives welcome)

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Listen peeps, I know I can’t be the only one that feels like they don’t have anyone around them to challenge them, to spark creativity, to actually have conversations about growing your career in your craft. It’s frustrating. It’s boring.

So, let’s change it. I want to start this group to have conversations, challenges and ultimately, actually feel like they gain something from it. It’s time to actually write our goals down, to speak about our dreams. Who cares if they’re crazy? Do you know how many people don’t even have dreams? We are lucky the few who even have these crazy and exciting thoughts.

To start things off: introduce yourself below and tell us at least one thing you dream of and one thing you did today that pushed you even just 1% toward that dream. :slight_smile:

I would love to be a well-known author or a genius coder. Honestly, I would even settle for a decent coder, because the IT world pays well :rofl: Let’s be real.
I worked on a new macro I am creating to expedite an existing process at my job today, and finished another.


:rofl: The IT world definitely pays well. That sounds legit even if I’m not entirely sure what a macro is. Help me :see_no_evil:

My dream is to become a world famous published author. The aspect of this that excited me the most used to be the prospect of my stories being made into movie adaptations, but now it is the thought of getting the privilege of signing a book that I myself wrote and seeing fan art of my characters

I didn’t really do much to further that dream today besides daydreaming and imagining scenes in my head of one of my stories


I realize I didn’t even introduce myself. I’m Hayley :wave:

I’m a photographer/videographer that has two degrees in agriculture that I don’t really use anymore (which is a blow to the pride after student loans).

My dream is to publish a book, write a screenplay and own an awesome studio for photographers and filmmakers someday. Today, I published my new book on here because my other one is coming to an end. I’m excited for that one to be out into the world.
Something else I realized today is you have to do things with excellence often before your next opportunities come. For example, I tend to panic about what to do with my life in the future, but then realize I haven’t even completed the projects that are due now. :woman_shrugging: the struggle of being too much of a dreamer sometimes.


I imagine meeting a fan whose world was impacted by your words has to be indescribable. And hey, daydreaming is enough sometimes

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn right


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn right

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[ gushes over the cat gif for 15min straight ]

I’m Amity and I really want to write really really well one day. I just want to be good at doing something I genuinely enjoy and be happy with myself for that accomplishment.


Hey, I basically have manyy things in mind but two things that I pretty much want to do are 1. Event Manager and 2. Creative writer.

I’ve applied for a couple of internships at both the places. XD other than that, I click pictures and sing.


Ok so a macro is basically a button that you create to do whatever you want within the program you’re in. So for example, a macro can be created in Microsoft Word to capitalize an address in a letter correctly. The address shows PO BOX 123, and when you click the macro it will correct it to PO Box 123. Really, the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to coding.

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That’s why I am so hesitant about college LOL. Like who says you need a degree to prove your proficiency in a matter??.. Oh yeah… everyone. Oh well.

Oh and my name is Josephine LOL I forgot to include that

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ok done

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Well I have been in Wattpad for over 3 years.

I use to write anime fanfic, but now I am trying out new genres.

Like yesterday, I came up with on of my characters superpower and how she got it.


I want to be an author who writes books that are both thought provoking and fun, filled to the brim with subtle, philosophical messages.

I want these books to be written how I like; so I will probably do the whole self-publishing thing. Publishers are too nitpicky, petty and let’s face it – all they give a shit about is whether they will make a buck off it, or not.

I don’t care if i go down in history as an unknown or obscure author – I’m certainly not interested in fame. “Aelwen Steiner” isn’t even my real name, that’s how much I DON’T want to be “known”. Royalties are always nice though.



How is everyone doing with their creativity and whatnot today?


I’m insert user name here

My dreams are simple. I just want to make enough money off a book to retire off of. Not retire well, just make ends meet when I’m 180 and can’t do physical labor anymore.

The problem? I write dark books with dark characters who do dark things and… :thinking: I guess there’s no market for that.

I tried guys! I tried to do light and fluffy but I am unable! :sob:

So… Dreams dashed. :joy:

And that is my life story. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: :wink::tada:


Not much, been lazy today.

Hello, how are you?

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Hi, I’m my username: M.I. O’Flaherty

My dream is to write stories that a fun, engaging, and people love to read. That’s really it. I don’t even care if I make crazy money I’d just want enough that I could live off it and continue writing full time. I’ve got so many ideas and fun stories drifting around in my head and little time to write them these days. But despite all that I keep pushing forward. I finished up a new chapter in my book today so that’s something and hopefully I’ll get started on the next one tomorrow.