Stay or leave?

“Edit: from the responses that I got from people in this thread it made me motivated again and gave me many reasons to stay that I can’t argue. Thank you all for the responses and advices and I will leave this discussion like how it is and not close it. Maybe someone is feeling the same way and maybe after reading this, they’d decide to stay.”

Have you ever got into this situation when you are thinking to decide whether to stay on Wattpad or leave? If yes, how could you get over this idea and shake it off from mind and stay? Because I love Wattpad but the idea got me so bad to leave this time.

I’ve gotten into this situation several times and the thing that mostly helped me through was taking a break and going on hiatus. Whenever I returned from hiatus I was missing this place and was excited to write more and also get in contact with other writers. However, the last time I was on hiatus, I felt so much better that I didn’t want to come back to here and social media. My friends from Wattpad kept pm me and they brought me back.

Now for over a month, the idea of leaving hit me again and I’m afraid that once I take a break from here I’d not like coming back. I don’t know what are my reasons for real… it could be that I’ve seen some of my friends leaving Wattpad, could be because of a recent one she left and left a message saying that “I don’t have a good chance on here. It’s hard to get someone to read my books, people here mostly like to read romance or dark fantasy, with mature content whether it’s violence or sexual, and lgbt+. And I don’t write those. I don’t have audience for my genre I’m writing.” I tried to convince her to stay but I failed. After a while, I noticed the popular books that were shown on my home page for paid stories and none, mostly are rated as mature. I was shocked that what she said was true. I tried to shake it off and think like there are some also which weren’t rated as mature. Then probably this too, my friends brought me back here but now few of friends are either leaving Wattpad for good with informing me or not, and also my friends are in contact with me through social media mostly. They hardly get on the community here so when I got on here, it feels like lonely in sort of way. The only thing that making me hang in there this while, that I’d like to see Wattys results of this year to see who wins whether it’s me or one or few of my friends, because it’s near.

I’m constantly on and off and the fence as well, for similar reasons as your friend. With some kind and wonderful exceptions (@RhymesandFools @NevieH @MissSo-called @originalverbivore @mikedebowski @gie-gie21), I don’t feel like there are many people on here who want to read the type of work I’m creating.

Based on my experience on here, my sense is that many folks on here are very young and are developing basic story writing skills, so good on them for that! We all have to start somewhere! However, I can only handle reading so many poorly crafted stories about high school crushes/werewolves/suicide attempts. I’m a little older and need a little more variety/depth to my stories at this point in my life.

When it comes to folks reviewing my work, some readers say they don’t understand a certain part of the story or a character’s motives. Well, if they kept reading they’d likely answer their own questions. Writing a story doesn’t mean spoon-feeding readers everything—that’s what imagination is for—but again, based on what I’ve read here, people like to be told everything in great detail.

So what keeps me on here? Well, it’s not about “making it big” on here or getting published. Not everyone is going to have those experiences. If we were all rockstars, who would make the sandwiches for the backstage afterparty?

I stay for some of the amazing fellow writers I’ve gotten to meet and chat with daily. It’s also respecting the fact that not everyone has the same writing style or goals as me. We are growing in our own ways as storytellers, poets, and readers. We are all on our own writing journeys, whether that’s with or without Wattpad.

Hope that all helps! Know that you aren’t alone!


Heyo:) If you feel like social media like Wattpad is not enjoyable anymore then there’s no shame in leaving. I used to have a whole bunch of social media and now I just stick to this platform, have met many a great peeps and I really like to chat XD. As for stories, yes you’ve got to advertising a lot and yes romance is like the most popular story genre in both online and traditional publishing. Though with enough perseverance one day your story will get noticed, that’s what I choose to believe in anyways! If you know where to look people around are very kind and will help you edit stories and all that fun stuff and of course there’s some hostile people out there and such. But it’s like that outside of the internet as well.

If you want to take breaks, then do so. And if you don’t want to come back to the site, then don’t force yourself to. You have no obligation, in short do whatever makes you happy!


Thank you for sharing your experience :pray: and replying to this.


You are most welcome! :relaxed:


Maybe I need to take a break again. And yes you’re right. I need to know what would make me happy, I’ll think of this when I’d take a break… Would leaving make me happy or staying. Thank you




I haven’t had this experience. I think this is a generalization. All the writers that are in my circles (so to speak) are incredibly talented. Have I stumbled across young writers who are not very polished yet at what they do? Yes. Yes, I have. Do I know young writers with immense talent? YES! (Take @TheGrumpyMountain for example.) Though most everyone I engage with in the forums and on the main site and read are of adults who felt that they maybe wouldn’t have an audience here. I certainly didn’t. You’ve only read my poetry, but I also write frankengenre young adult because I’m honestly a nutjob but I have readers because I put myself out there, fully prepared to make a fool out of my sorry ass.
My buddy @LanaJoKing shared with me that she was told often that she would never have an audience because her story is unique, and she’s out there rocking it, with god knows how many reads by now.

So to the OP–If you write it (and let people know you exist!!) they will come. Just get out there every day and go shake it on the SYS threads and do read for reads, and join book clubs. Meeting some new likeminded people that get what you’re writing is going to give you the fire to keep going. Biggest mistake I made when I was younger was that I stopped putting myself out there on Wattpad. I deleted my account, stopped writing, and I didn’t start writing until I was in college and came back to Wattpad 3 months ago.
So I really do hope you stay, because it’s sad for me to think that you’d give up, because writing has always been the bright part of my life.

Also tagging @MMicheleWilly because I worship her as a writer and feel like she can contribute to this discussion.


That’s the motivation right there. Thank you. This motivates me now. So, you say… that when you left from here it was a biggest mistake… and I think I shouldn’t try it. I never deleted my account on here. I’ve seen a few who deleted their account and came back with a new one. I never thought to ask them why they came back but you answered the question. Well thank you, I’ll consider what you said. And welcome back.


I’ve totally been where you are. When I first joined Wattpad and started writing, I got no reads. I had no friends on the forums. Everything was also going wrong in my life. Just kind of a rough time. So I did take a break for a few months, but eventually I realized that Wattpad was actually a bright spot in my life.

Yeah, I wasn’t getting reads and I was awkwardly waddling around the forums, but there’s something really valuable about having a community that actively tries to be kind and help writers uplift each other. When it comes to the internet, these forums are up there with the most positive communities I’ve found. I would say stay, maybe look for some new threads to be a part of, because I’ve personally had my day brightened so many times by the community on here :slight_smile: It took a while, but I’ve met so many wonderful people here and I’m so excited to see where they all go with their writing. Wattpad has become a really nice place for me to spend my time, and I would hate to see anyone miss out on that same loveliness.

Also, @amandamaedowney is right that there are readers for practically everything. I was really worried that people would hate my story because there’s no swearing, no sex, no gore, but after a lot of work coming out of my shell and trying to market my story, I’ve found a few dedicated readers who’ve really impacted my life in a positive way. I don’t think I’ll get crazy popular, but I’m starting to be okay with that.


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Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m glad that you figured that Wattpad is a great place for you to be and made you feel better.

I love Wattpad but you know… as I mentioned some of the reasons already here… there are things that bugged me seeing others leaving from here, seeing readers favorite certain genres… etc. it did affect me, made me think like maybe leaving too is a good option. it did And reading your response and also the others who replied to me here… you guys made motived again. Thank you.


Yeah, I’m somewhat on this boat as well. I’m guessing the winners are probably going to be in line with the same style of stories that are being selected for perk programs like Paid and Stars right now.


I don’t see myself as leaving since I have a reader base on here, but might cut back my activity to focus on my short story writing.


I think any of us would have been discouraged too. Seeing our buddies leave and other people rack up millions of reads isn’t easy, but there’s a lot here to love. I hope that you find some brightness here again soon! Did you enter the Wattys? :slight_smile:



Yeah, I actually talked to someone in the publishing industry and the physically laughed in my face when I told them I wanted to see more asexuality represented in fantasy “Because sex sells”. I ended up in therapy and after a few sessions decided to write it anyway, for myself. I never had any intention of posting it anywhere because it was such a ludicrous story- not marketable, no one would publish it… who would read a story about an asexual lead character with no chance of traditional romance? But it was fun writing it, so posted it here with no wattpad experience because why the heck not? And I think that what people see in it- how much fun I had while I made it.
Does it have a built in audience? Absolutely not. Have I had to advertise and work myself to the bone to get people to even look at it? Oh yeah! But after I got a little steam, people started to enjoy that it was different than other stuff here and it kind of rolls on its own now. Am I wattpad famous? Nah. It’ll probably never reach a TON of views, but there is a lesson there about writing what you want to write, vs writing what you think people want to read. If you love it, others will love it. And that’s most important.

You have to make sure you are always having fun. Maybe there is a message you really want to convey. Whatever keeps your fueled- hold onto that. It’s a rough industry out there and I consider myself so freaking lucky to have met people like @amandamaedowney who supported me nearly from the beginning and really helped build my confidence here. It’s all about sticking with it and hoping your lucky star comes along, and making some amazing art while you are at it.

I mean come on, writing is so cool! One second nothing exists and the next there is a whole entire world. You just gotta love it ^^

I think I rambled for like a million words too long. It’s been a long day lol. I don’t know if this was helpful at all.


Yes! I think taking a break is totally fine. I do it all the time, but when the writing bug gets you again, you’re going to want to share what you did. It’s natural. I had written my WIP for 5 years or so off of wattpad. The lack of feedback was stifling. I had no motivation to keep going because I’d ask myself “what’s the point?”
You’ll want to come back most likely, so keep your account. It’s not like something bad is going to happen if you keep it up. Plus, getting reads is super attainable if you market yourself well and carry yourself professionally. So keep fighting for 500 reads or 1k or whatever your (manageable goal is). Getting those comments in or pms from people who love what you do gets addictive and that’s even more drive and some fire on your rear end.

Keep truckin’ sis! I believe in you!


I have also thought of leaving as well… That was when I wrote my first book. I even deleted it and decided to leave writing for some time. I continued the other half of my I joined Wattpad i.e reading amazing books
I read books, observed and tried making my book a better version of what it was, and the turn up is far much better.

Just follow your heart, and don’t look at the number of reads and votes you get… It matters though, but just pour out your heart into your writing, and advertise it more, there will be a change.

In life everything is chapter by chapter just like our books. So, you can either take a break from writing and just read. Or if you write, don’t publish it yet until it is complete. People like completed books

With all I’m saying, I say STAY


you’re famous to me
You and @MMicheleWilly are my Wattpad Stars


Real talk: I don’t think I’d be doing nearly as well I am if you hadn’t supported me from the start. When I first read Corvus I was like ‘Damn… I need to be this good…’ and then you like The UnTitled and it gave me so much confidence to go out and start advertising and what not.
You’re definitely a shining star to me! :star:

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