Stereotypes/Emasculation of Asian Men?


Currently Im writing a book featuring a east asian male as one of the main characters. I understand the feminization and emasculation of east asian males in media but what are some other ways that east asian males portrayed negatively in books/media that i should avoid?


Bad driving.


Mean or condescending to other Asian girls


Being good at mathematics and sciences. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen the hacker character is Asian.


It’s not necessarily “negative”, but it is a big stereotype that is really overused.


can you expand a bit on that


yeah i took that into consideration, i didn’t want him to fall down into that hole


Also with the feminization of Asian men comes the idea that Asian men aren’t attractive or desirable.


In stories, Asian guys have this weird thing of looking another Asian girl up and down and then judging them, sometimes out loud, on whether or not they would be suitable for marriage.


where does the undesirable/unattractive idea come from?


seriously? i didn’t even know that existed


Yeah, I don’t understand why people put in in stories, but apparently authors think that it’s still (or was ever) a thing?


it seems like something that would happen in like a more traditional time period and even then…i doubt every man did that


Well mostly it comes from the fact that Asian men are shown as feminine and nerds, people that aren’t desirable, not very “manly”. And also the fact that white men are shown as the standard for male beauty, though this is changing.


true, it feels like only two massive extremes exist. Either people think asian men are undesirable or they are oversexualized and lowkey kind of dehumanized (mostly from koreaboos, weeaboos etc.}


Yes, exactly! And because of this pressure for beauty, K-Pop stars often go on strict diets, practically starving themselves, in order to look good.

This site has a few of the most popular diets, and you can see how strict and limiting they are:


@neegas OKCupid, the dating site, a few years ago released a study analyzing user behavior. Asian-American men and African-American women were the two groups that were rated the “least attractive” by other users. This is a very American thing, by the way. Because of decades of negative stereotypes of Asian men and black women, this has seeped into people’s perceptions in real life about those two groups. This is of course less so in other countries. Things in America are slowly changing for the better. As media become more diverse, people’s opinions of diversity are shifting because it’s becoming “normalized.” It’s always been “normal,” but it’s taking a long time for the media to catch up with real life. The rise of K-Pop and movies like “Crazy Rich Asians” and the appearance of more Asians in TV certainly help.


This is an invaluable resource that might help you avoid negative stereotypes


They are obsessed with dieting. That is not the case at all. My brother-in-law has never dieted in his life. Actually, I don’t know a single Asian man in my life who has gone on a diet.


I thought that too and look… it’s the first response! :joy: