Stereotypes/Emasculation of Asian Men?


My leading male is asian/black I didn’t even consider stereotypes of either race :face_with_monocle: interesting post


yeah i just don’t want to like subconsciously input a stereotype


Right! I worry about that when I write my female characters. It can be a real worry… :sweat_smile:


Asian guys are stereotyped to be the quieter ones sometimes (and this falls into ‘nerd’ category a bit I guess)

But also I feel like I’ve seen a lot of Asian guys (or at least the one person with black hair) are ‘artistic’ or ‘musically inclined’ or some time of prodigy.


They sure are mean figureskaters…


Make sure they are presented like a person. Make sure they have goals and well rounded interests.

There is nothing wrong with a character falling into some traits of stereotype as long as they seem like a 3D person. It’s alright if he’s studious, a lot of people are, just make sure he has goals. If you want more character depth you could say he studies because it’s the only thing he’s confident he’s good at rather than “he has strict parents.” You could also add in opposing traits to avoid the stereotypes as well like he’s a nerd but he’s super loud and friendly.

I hope this helped.

If you are also looking for help on describing an Asian character physically I made a thread about describing POC characters.




The top male figureskaters come from NE Asia, they are absolutely downright incredible. That’s pretty much the first thing that popped in my mind… great gamers too.


I see what you are saying but I’ll also like to expand on this issue. Black men were included in that so-called least attractive group too along with black women and Asian men. It does have American/western roots but this type of mentality is global.

Everywhere in the world has some aspect of racism, self-hatred, colorism, etc. So many people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed and mess-up by centuries of racism and ignorance.

Plus, people that have these types of views perpetuate this ignorance in many aspects of their lives–workplace, school, etc.

Also, black women have started many of their own counter movements–natural hair, melanin poppin, and being proud of the skin that they are in.

They are creating their own forms of entertainment and being featured more and more in mainstream TV shows, movies, commercials, and other types of spotlights. Many people don’t mind riding their coattails when it comes to getting money, business, etc.

Entertainment like Black Panther and celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o are setting trends and trying to change that narrow-minded perception.

The thing is black/dark brown beauty has never been celebrated and put on a pedestal like white/fair skinned beauty. For years, ignorant people have dehumanized and screw up the reputations of melanin beauty. There is no one way to be beautiful.

People have been raised, taught, brainwashed, and conditioned to believe lies and misinformation. People need to educate themselves about life.

Unattractive and attractive is in all walks of life. A confident person that is comfortable in their own skin don’t care what other people think or say about them nor would they waste their time constantly disrespecting people that they don’t know.

I definitely agreed what JJJ000YYY has to say about describing POC.


I think it’s also important to show the diversity, even in Asians. Even in Asia itself, there is value on fair skin. And when you talk about Asians, many people think of China or Japan, and have a stereotypical image of what Asians should look like (pale).

I remember being disgusted when I went to the Philippines to see dark-skinned Filipinos standing underneath skin-bleaching ads featuring Asians with white skin. This culture creates a lot of self-hatred within dark-skinned Asians, who feel they don’t meet this standard of beauty.

I hope we can see more of the diversity we’ve seen recently in media to normalize non-white beauty.


My first story on here dealt with this issue, and it came right at the height of K-pop reaching the U.S.
A stereotype I found unique to my story was how Asian men never get the (usually white) girl in Western media. They are also portrayed to be geeky, but awkward geniuses.


Not going to lie, it’s still a thing to some Asian men. However, not everyone.

Asians have a habit of mumbling things or expressing their interests, may it be jealousy or adoration.


I think the notion of pretty men has to do with the fact Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Korea value youthfulness, whilst the European standard tends to be the “big boys.”


true, being manly with a beard and muscles seems to be the standard of beauty for men.
Jason mamoa is a good example especially he was the name the sexiest man alive by a american magazine


I wondered for many years why there was no Asian leading men on the big screen & in the Western games as LI, but I figured it was political tensions rather than aesthetic preferences. For a while leading men, though Caucasian, were not exactly large, the whole Bloom-DiCapprio-Cruise era.


American media is all about ratings, and minorities are probably seen to have low ratings on the big screen :expressionless: or they thought that ‘white’ audiences wouldn’t find it relatable enough.


I thought that it had more to do with the ideological conflict. While black LI are fairly numerous from early 2000’s (in video-games at least) I guess an Asian one was off limits (save for Sky in, what? 2004?). Granted, my experience with media is very limited, because I do not watch much TV, and i play very few games. But I really liked it when in SWTOR every human character had the different versions of appearances, so you could customize your LI without worrying who might think what and why.

Sorry, I do not mean to derail the thread, but it sort of puzzled me for a while.


Im gonna guess that you meant black mc when you say black li. XD. But usually when black characters were in video games especially in the early 2000s they we’re caricatures and stereotypes. Also yeah it’s weird how Asian characters were just avoided in video games


God, yes! I remember finding the same thing strange/awful when I went to India!


Agreed. I try to base my characters on people I know, or consider how that person falls into his/ her own stereotypes.
Ex. My best friend is an Asian male. He’s good at computers and video games because that was his escape from a weird family dynamic. He was crap at school because of a short attention span. But then, he was in a (rock) band and spent hours practicing the same riffs over and over again. He’s frivolous with money, a direct result of his parents being thrifty and tight fisted. He was deprived of experiences and things when he was younger so now he spends on them without even thinking about the cost. He’s a dad now and yes he is strict with his daughter, but he’s also wrapped around her finger.

It’s all about motivations and surroundings and upbringing. I fit into some of my culture’s stereotypes, I’m sure you do for yours as well. The question is why, and the answer shouldn’t be just because.