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You guys reminded me of another trope. The Latino male gangster character who gets no development. He just stays as a gangster and dies. Or gets killed by the main character. Or some law enforcement officer. It’s like Bordertown but worse.


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I’ve been lurking thorugh this discussion so far and I am curious, how often in the US do you actually have to identify your racial origins?

Thinking about it, in Australia where I live, it doesn’t happen too often, so I don’t spend a great deal of time contemplating the degree of my Caucasianness. But a lot of official forms have these three questions:

Are you of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander descent?
Do you speak a language other than English at home?
If yes, which language?


I’m not from the US, but I live in the UK. And for the first time while filling out forms, I was asked if I was white and what my sexual orientation was.

I have to do it for Uni every year. I’ve never had to do that in either of my home countries before. In those they just ask if you’re a citizen or not - and if you aren’t, then which country you’re a citizen in.


America focuses alot on race. People die for it, get jobs for it, suffer from it. It’s hard NOT to focus on our racial identity. Usually when people ask you about your race in america its indirect and Its usually the popular question ‘what are you’


I’ve actually never seen this on wattpad. I always see the Latino gangster as the love interest whos overly barbaric and yet sexual


I don’t know if this has been brought up yet, but what are people’s thoughts on POC characters that seem to be … written more or less like white people, if that’s a good way to put it?

Characters that have no real distinguishing traits of their culture or race/ethnicity besides being cast as POC actors/described as POC. (Like poc characters with “white” names (a middle-eastern character being named James Smith), who don’t speak any language other than English, and rarely if ever mention being POC (nor is it mentioned by the people around them).) Basically if you changed them to a white person nothing would change at all.

Do you see this as a cop-out? Does it still count as representation? Or do you think it’s fine?


I mean people like that exist in real life. You can be poc and only know english or have a ‘westernized’ name. Or just not identify with your ancestors culture at all. But I see what you mean, especially when every poc character is like that. It’s as if the author barely put any effort into researching the culture and stuff. It almost feels like erasure.


What you are talking about is writing white characters with brown faces. I think one of the best explainations of it i’ve heard is fromm a latinx author daniel jose older.

As you said the character lacks certain traits or a better word for it is ethnic nuance. Of course, i’m not saying write people as stereotypes (for those who might be confused) but if one has lived long enough they would realize that there is a particular behavioral nuance based on ethnicity, location/environment etc. I think it’s a very important point because it emphasizes on learning about different people for all walks of life.

A reader can tell if the character isn’t authentic. It’s as if you’re trying to write let’s say a black character, you call the them Tyrone of all names, but your character’s vernacular and behaviour is completely antithetical. Another e.g. a latinx character without anything authentic to latin culture (whether it’s latino- american culture or not). This is what you call writing white characters with brown faces.

Can characters exist outside of their native cultural expressions? Sure, but even then there is a story and a particular background to that.

Also, when it comes to names, lots of characters can have names that are not aligned culturally. e.g. Trevor Noah has a “white guy” name but he is south african. It’s very possible since colonization began and as a result cultures have interchanged. I think it’s completely okay to have a western name, just make the character into a real person.


Maybe this is more television related rather than just wattpad related then. I dunno. I see a lot of those sorta stereotypes within the media as well. Like, they have the trope too well worked out and they don’t wanna change those characters because the formulas works. Does that make sense?


Are least for me, I’m asked that on all standardized tests, whether state, national, or required tests. In also asked on many forms for things like doctors appointments. (This is just my race/ethnicy)


Seriously, ‘what are you’? That just seems so rude.

I have a first name that suggests origin in one corner of Europe and a last name that points to the opposite direction, plus an accent. I get a lot of ‘where are you from?’, which is consfusing as I’ve moved around. Or ‘what’s you background?’, which is somewhat better, but I get bored explaining.


I get that all the time, but I also get the infamous and rude “what are you?”

To which I reply “human” :joy:


I’d be tempted to reply with something utterly stupid like ‘a chihuahua cosplaying as a homo sapien female’


I actually prefer that, but maybe because I’m like that. I’m Mexican-American but I dislike Mexican music, I can’t speak Spanish, and I’m not really connected to my culture. People always tease me for being “white” because of my interests; like liking country music.


i heard about this dude who said this chick wasn’t truly Hispanic because she didn’t know spanish. Its really messed up, you dont always have to be connected to your culture