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Since you haven’t gave me a claim, do you want me to just find a girl with blue hair?




hi do you do like instant text messages. I have a significant scene in my story the is done on the phone? if not its cool x


I haven’t done it but I should be able to :slight_smile:


oh cool. thanks the transcript is between a boyfriend and girlfriend. The POV is the girlfriends phone. So his name at the top of the screen is just a crown emoji
It goes:

-previous messages-
BF:Can you come over today? x
BF: oh damn sorry no i forgot
gf: Sorry I have that important thing with my mum x
gf: tomorrow? x
BF:Yeah thats fine with me. I miss u thats all xx

-new message-
BF: Good luck today x


Iphone or Android?


i dont mind Iphone is cool


@Minxatious here ya go, hun. let me know if you use it <3



I love it! Thank you so much!!! I will be using it




Title: Luna Nightgale

Author: N/A

Summary: She is very bold and more outspoken than her best friend. She is usually very nice though she is easily angered. She is intelligent and very determined. She isn’t observant and can be very stubborn. She is very brave though.

Ideas/Pictures: 1 2 Cursive text please. Blood red text possibly. This is a very dark story.

Anything Else? N/A


Accepted, as long as it’s open for me to use other pictures of her. I’ll try it with those but I’m almost positive it won’t work lol


Yes please :smile:



Forgive me for not knowing the difference between simple and manip, but I think what I want is manip

Title: Angeli Mortis
Subtitle: Angel of Death

Author: Alexisbear101

Summary: Guardian angel finds love in unexpected places with uncertainty to complete her mission
Ideas: Similar to the current cover (I can post it here if you’d like) A dark angel shackled up to a wall. A defining trait in this character is that I want a heart sewn onto her arm. As in a literal translation of ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’

Anything Else: Make sure you tag me ( @lilofae1234 ), not the author name given. It’s a gift.


Of course! yOu can use other pictures :slight_smile:


@JustAReader248 accepted :slight_smile:

@Lilofae1234 accepted, a picture of the old cover wouldn’t hurt :smiley:


Thank you so much!!


here’s your graphic, let me know if you want any changes and if you use it
Remeber to give credit if so <3


Thank you! I’ll use it!


no problem!


Oh boi this is actually super exciting, and I really love the aesthetic of that first picture – But that’s unrelated!

I’m requesting a cover!
I think what I want is Simple.

Title: Arken-Ciel
Subtitle: Who knew gay pining would be so troublesome?
Author: Jasper Heath
Summary: Arken, a newly graduated Henfys (Rainbow Warrior) just wanted to protect his Charge. Ciel, his assigned Charge, just wanted a normal Autumn Break. They both got more than they bargained for.
Anything Else?
I’m not sure if that link is going to plug my story, but if it does I’ll delete and use another way. It shouldn’t, though.
On the subject of more detail, I want almost the same as the original cover. A pair of rainbow angel wings, a broadsword, and the background as pastel clouds (As well as the subtitle added, and the title and author name to be more fitting ((like maybe pastel rainbow colors?)) )

Thanks a bunch if this request is acceptable!!!