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Thank you! <3 Accepted, I’ll try my best… i tend make things dark, i found xD this will be a challenge.


Thanks a bunch! I believe in ya~! :smiley:






Title: The Secrets of a Missing Beauty Queen
Author: Ash Stepp
Summary: Alexa Brown is missing. These four words have torn this small town apart. As the police start to investigate, though, there are many dirty secrets brought to the surface and many relationships ruined. Will the mystery of Alexa’s disappearance be solved? Or will this little town be ripped into shreds before any clues are found? Read to find out.
Mood: Dark
Ideas/Pictures: There girl with purple hair should have a cartoon X over her face or something to indicate that she’s missing. The knife should be in a visible place in the background to indicate a murder. The girl with black hair should be edited to have blood on her if you can. 1 2 3
Anything Else?: N/A


Denied, sorry >.> Pictures would be too hard to work with




That’s OK


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Yeah, I can


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Lmfao - here ya go, put something I missed that you think is important in “anything else” :slight_smile:
Anything Else?:


Text: Wattpad: Lady-Emerald
Twitter: icxedcoffee
Instagram: coffeestainedbookmark

Ideas/Pictures: Preferably, something Netflix themed, or one of the shows themed, like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or such. Could be simple or manip (with a dark floral theme) or whatever works best.
Colors/Theme: Red/Black/white
Anything Else?: Nope, I think that’s it. Thank you!


Accepted <3




Thank you!



x Story

Title: A Hundred Ways
Author: Created by Chantelle Nazareth
Summary: Toby Williams an underachiever is cursed in a loop of death and resurrection, he must now team up with an incompetent detective to find the person who cursed him and to reverse the curse before he meets his final demise.
Ideas/Pictures: a picture of a crystal ball and a a clock. can you have like a smokey effect and like blood red writing.
Anything Else?: thank you. :slight_smile:


Hii, here’s your graphic, sorry it took some time >.> new years + alcohol xd I’m not 100% happy with this but let me know if you want any changes and/or if you use it. Credit me if so!



Simple Cover!
Title: 101 Ways to Pick Up A Man
Subtitle: -
Author: Rinkou
Summary: It’s just a gangster girl that falls in love with an innocent-looking boy from her college.
Ideas/Pictures: The book cover I have in mind is the gangster sitting on a chair while she’s smoking a cigarette, if you can make her look like a badass, that would be amazing haha! Another idea I have in mind is the gangster girl holding the male lead by his tie, he is supposed to look like an innocent average man. That’s the two ideas I have in mind.
Anything Else? If you do have your own idea, I don’t mind it too. Thank you very much! Please do let me know if you are accepting this request or not :slight_smile:


Denied, sorry! <3


wondering if i was accepted?