stiles // free graphics // closed for catch up xd



Ops, sorry, it was right before I posted so I didn’t see it… Accepted. Do you want anybody in it or just objects?


just the objects is best :smile: Thank you!




I actually love it!! Thank you so much!!


Youre welcome<3






Can I also request 2 other graphics?


Any face claims, objects that you want?

@bon_kiss text messages?


Face claims Katherine McNamara and Cody Christian. I’d love it if you could have a crown incorporated into the cover

Something like this ^


Accepted :smiley:


No it would be a picspam and banner x


sure, go ahead, I got time xD


Hii. here is your graphics - I found the orginial picture and liked it but made another just in case you want something different, Not happy with these but let me know if you use them, credit if so <3




Would you be willing to make me a series of banners? From Prologue to chapter 30? c:


I could yes, but it’d take more time then usual, ofc lol I can’t accept right now between knowing what you want :blush:



Story Character
(Prologue- Chapter 30)
Title: tied together with a smile
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Summary: (I haven’t fully written it yet)
Ideas/Pictures: I was thinking something simple and similar to my cover The font is Folkster ; I would like flowers on the edges, in the middle have the chapter and then underneath in small letters have the title/author. Harry could be on there but he doesn’t have to be. Just something simple to match my cover.
Anything Else?: Thanks if you accept.


Accepted, I’ll make the prologue as a test run to see if you like them. I’ll make one with Harry and one with out. Then you can tell me if you’d like the rest. :smiley:


Thank you! c: