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Hey, just wondering what font you used on the Angel Miortis covers? It’s beautiful!


I’ll look at it in the morning :smile: in bed at the moment attempting to sleep :frowning:


Hehe awesome thanks !! Good luck !! :wink:


it’s called evanescent


Oe awesome thank you!!!


Hii… here’s your graphic. Not sure it’s what you wanted but let me know if you use it or if you want any changes. Also let me know if it fits. been a while since i’ve made a profile header <3 Credit me if you use it!


I love it! It does seem a bit too wide, because the text cuts off a bit at the side and I don’t know if it’s just my device or…?


Can you send me a screen shot and I’ll try it fix it :slight_smile: edited - it looks fine to me, a little blurry tho xd


Thank you! Must just be my device then. I’ll have to go back and use my computer when I get the chance so it may be a little less blurry then.











Title:When I was writing this I was listening to…
Subtitle: Tell me you love me by Demi Lovato
Author: bon_kiss
Summary: My character is meeting her real dad for the first time in a coffee shop
Ideas/Pictures: something like this as her nickname is buttercup but I dont mind just coffee related

and kind of ties in with the picspam aesthetically
Anything Else?: nope and thank you



Text: Hello, Buttercup
Ideas/Pictures: something like this but i dont mind others as long as it fits this sort of thing
Colors/Themes: browns and golds
Anything Else?: nope and thanks xx


accepted :smiley:





Story Charater

Title: Darkening Seduction , Death Bound , Deviant Shadows, Dark Bloom (font)
Author: Vexful
Summary: A struggle between love and darkness, and darkness always wins
Ideas/Pictures: this is one that I have for another book of the same series, and I wanted it to fit this vibe and color palette! you did this banner, and I absolutely loveeee it. It’s what I’m looking for color wise and overall aestheticness. If you you could do red and black roses, skulls, maybe even a silver crown, cathedrals, graveyards, ya get the jist!
Anything Else?: I wanted you to make one overall banner, and then after that if you could just change the title so I can have 4 matching banners with the same designs, just the different titles. If this is too much then you can just do Darkening Seduction!
Also here are 3/4 covers for my series so you can get a sense of theme/color


thank you xxx


Accepted <3 ofc if you like the first, it’d be no trouble to do the first xD

You’re welcome @bon_kiss - sorry if the text messages is taking too long, I’ve do other stuff - like trying to open a trailer shop xD


its ok take your time x