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Hii, here’s your graphic. Let me if you use it, credit if so!



6 Pic Spam

Text: maybe something along the lines of ‘up all night’? text isn’t essential for me, though
Ideas/Pictures: i’d like the male mc of my story to be the central focus. you can find pics of him in my vision board here:
Colors/Themes: monochromatic (black, white gray) smoke, city, night time and black coffee as general themes.
Anything Else?: i’d prefer it if no idols were used in the picspam. thank you!


Accepted, do the face claim of the guy? I’ll try to use the ones you provided but it doesn’t always work >.> lol


i don’t have a specific face claim for him, but as long as it’s a korean guy with black hair and dark clothes, i don’t mind who you choose! whatever works best for you and you think looks good is fine with me, if that’s okay!


That works :slight_smile:





Simple X manip X Collage
Title: Yes Sir
Subtitle: I’m all alone.I’m trapped here for the rest of my life.
Author: Kass
Summary: River is a complicated girl. She goes to therapy to try and ease her pain. But she knows that none of it will help. Cause she can never tell anyone what happens in her home. One day she is kidnapped and her whole world changes. From something she no longer wanted to live in to something she felt she belonged in. But will it last forever? She feels like it won’t.
Ideas/Pictures: A man pinning a girl to a wall or kissing her. I’m a little iffy on what I want it to look like
Anything Else? Do what you feel is right. Thank you!


You have manip and college picked,those two are very different, do you know which one you want? With your idea, college or simple seems the route lol just let me lnow


Hii I just want to apologize and explain why graphics are taking so long. I’m in the progress of downloading content to make video edits for instagram and YouTub, while that happens, I can’t open PS or my computer goes haywire. Luckily, my ram upgrade is coming in a day or two and I’ll have 16gb instead of 4! So I can do it all :smiley: I understand if anyone wants to withdraw their request but let me know so it’s not counted for thread hopping! :smiley:


I don’t mind waiting c:


I dont mind waiting :slight_smile:


Actually can you do a collage? I want to see how that looks


a picspam?


take your absolute freaking time, no rush!


<33 bump


Yea sure


okay, accepted


Idk the difference between simple and manip so whatever one you feel like would suit my ideas best if you accept this.

Title: Why Me?
Subtitle: n/a
Author: imtotallynotokay
summary: “Why would you choose me of all people. Why me I’m just me. There’s nothing special about me. Why me, Josh? Why me?”
Ideas/ pictures: I have five ideas but I’m open for other ideas. 1. Tyler Joseph smiling with the stage behind him with maybe fans in it 2. Tyler Joseph laying in a hospital bed either looking depressed or crying 3. Tyler Joseph looking soft maybe surrounded by flowers 4. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun looking into each other’s eyes 5. Tyler looking down shyly while josh smiles at him fondly
Anything else? If you do accept this take your time I’m in no rush.


is this a cover? you removed that part lol


Oops sorry it is