stiles // free graphics // closed for catch up xd



haha okay, accepted. I don’t know how well it will turn out tho


hello! do you do playlists? i don’t mean come up with songs for me and put it on spotify. i already have the songs haha, but i was thinking something like this. is this possible? if not, it’s okay hahaha.


Sure, lol seems easy enough!


yay that’s great! could you also do a cover art next to the playlist? here’s some playlists i found that i think can inspire you!! here, here, and here. ideas for a cover art can be a super minimalistic camera or a mixtape kind of device (because my story primarily revolves around photography and music) with the words “picture perfect”. or it just any cute icons / designs that u think will go with the songs hahaha.

lmk if ur okay with the above!!! i’ll send u the songs if you’re willing haha, but if not, it’s completely fine!!!

also, what would u like as payment !! (if u do decide to do this hahah)


Yeah, i’ll do it. Go ahead and send it <3 no payment, im doing free graphics lol


thank you!! the songs are:

enchanted by taylor swift
boomerang by the summer set
superstar by taylor swift
life of the party by shawn mendes
lost in japan by shawn mendes
chasing cars by snow patrol
one call away by charlie puth
say you won’t let go by james arthur
addicted to love by florence + the machine
heart attack by demi lovato
like a fool by keira knightley
photograph by ed sheeran
red by taylor swift
i knew you were trouble by taylor swift
helium by sia


No problem! I will be doing some graphics tomorrow >.> promise! xD



SImple X With Gif ('s)

Title: aeipathy
Subtitle: + covers, banners, wallpapers, icons (or make it fancier than this lmao)
inspiration: no inspiration, but i’d like the theme to be pastel-ish
Anything Else?: i love your threads btw! and i know that you are busy and all, but i’d like the thread to be done sooner (it doesn’t have to be too soon, but i wouldn’t want to wait for like a month.) thank you!


Accepted - do you have any idea beside it being pastel colored? Like flowers, a celeb based, something to do with the ocean? Things like that lol - also, I’m doing some requests today so the que will get a lot shorter - hopefully lol


here is your first graphic <3


here is your graphic! let me know if you use it or want any changes. credit if you use it <3


Awe tysm for accepting! For any other ideas, hmm I’d say adding aesthetic? Maybe flowers, crowns, that kind of stuff. Just go with whatever works~


Alriight - I’ll see if I can whoop up something lol


Uhm, i’d requested for a cover




Title: After the bad boy

Author: Fascinator

Summary: Being with a bad boy was Harper’s best and worst nightmare. Axel had changed for her but as things progressed in their relationship, it got too toxic for the both of them. They mutually decide to end things and Axel goes back to his old ways.

Well, Harper was torn. She had always read about heartbreaks in novels but she had no idea it was so hard. It seemed impossible to even wake up from her bed everyday, let alone let someone new into her life. She didn’t have it in her to be vulnerable again. One thing she knew for sure was that at least she wasn’t going to get wrinkles when she got old because of smiling. She could never move the muscles on her face.

A story about finding the calm after the storm, love and a sky full of stars.

Ideas/pictures: A brunette girl and a good looking guy in front of a blue background.

Anything Else: THANK YOU SO MUCH.


thanks is there any chance to get rid of the dead white space if not its fine x Can the time stamp on his message at the beginning be today instead of yesturday


Oooomg xD I’m so sorry! Feel free to use the banner anyway if you want it, I’ll make the cover tomorrow lol

@words_porn accepted

@bon_kiss yup, I’ll look at it tomorrow and see what I can do


hi, can you make banners? thank you :smiley:


oh gosh. i’m so sorry, but i think i might have to cancel my request >-<


thank you.