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you’re welcome :slight_smile:


It depends on the ideas and how hard they are to execute.


Thank you so much! This blew me away :heart: I will definitely use it and will give you credit when I put my book up which is in a couple of days. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you liked it. I loved making it, it was a fun request :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for telling me

Here is your cover. it's a little bright so let me know if you want me to tone it down. i hope you like it.

let me know if you’ll use it!


@GoddessDenicia sorry but i’m going to deny your request. i just don’t have inspo for it.

@spookylukes you’re accepted. please complete payment :slight_smile:


TITLE: Fallen
SUBTITLE: “We all rise… but the same question remains. Are you ready to rise again?”
AUTHOR: Prince_of_Twi1ight
IDEAS: I was thinking for the first one for a fallen angle holding a broken crown with black feathers falling. The pictures below show what I sort of want. Though for the angel could he be kneeling with the broken crown.

This crown (or something similar), though could it be broken?

And something like this, but with more feathers please
MOOD OR COLORS: Dark colours, like dark blue and red and black
EXTRAS: Also I don’t know if you do this or not… but the character on the front has black hair that I want to cover his eyes and he is toned. His wings are also black.

Umm… this is my first idea and the next one is my second…

TITLE: Fallen
SUBTITLE: “We all rise… but the same question remains. Are you ready to rise again?”
AUTHOR: Prince_of_Twi1ight
IDEAS: A falling/shattering crown with black feathers littering the ground

A crown like this
And something like this but with black feathers
MOOD OR COLORS: Dark colours, like dark blue and red and black

I would appreciate it if you helped me with this :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but could I request another? If I can then here it is.

Title: 27 Songs About Juliet Beaufort
Subtitle: " Her secrets lie in the songs."
Author: Denicia Badon
Ideas: I was thinking of a guitar or a picture of a book with the title on it, maybe a picture of the main character, Juliet who’s a blonde with something covering her eyes like hands or a streak of paint. It’s like 13 Reasons Why and The Girl On The Train. Maybe flowers, specifically roses in a girls hand, maybe a girl in a casket all in grey with only her blonde hair and red nails being in color. I could tell you about the story which is a mystery about a missing singer who is missing for 5 months before being found dead, in another famous singers house, Elisa Harrington. Despite the beef that both singers have, she isn’t the murderer or at least what Juliet’s boyfriend and bestfriend think. But 1 year after her murder, on her 27th birthday singers release songs about Juliet leaving clues, people, and hints about her murder and her murderer, sending them on a wild goose chase. But all the answers lies in the songs, 3 each month by different singers with different clues but on the search for Juliet, Taylor and Amber began to get closer, trusting each other which could leave her in her grave.
I apologize if you aren’t inspired by this.


It has been awhile since I’ve visited the community. I’m having a hard time with the UI. Sorry for the random comment. Btw beautiful covers!


I definitely like it. It is a bit too bright, any way to tone it down? And possibly a few little changes? I know you said in your intro post to be specific because you don’t like changes.




Thanks! I hope you get used to the new forums!


I can definitely tone it down. What changes do you want? It depends on how big they are if I can do them without having to alter the entire cover.


Don’t forget to complete payment.


@DragonFruit606 ok, I’m going to accept your requests. i’ve never done something similar but i like a challenge. please complete payment :slight_smile:

@GoddessDenicia i’m so sorry but i’m going to deny. your form has too many different ideas and i wouldn’t know where to begin.


Payment completed! Followed & added your book to my reading list :slight_smile: thank you!


I will! Thank you :heart:

Edit: I followed you and added your story


Thank you! Yes, please tone down the blue and possibly add a few other colours too (maybe that’ll balance it out a bit more?). I love the font but any way to make it just plain white (maybe that’ll help tone the brightness down too?)? Also, is it possible to make it a black jaguar rather than the leopard? And give the big cat green glowing eyes and the wolf bright yellow eyes?


Thanks in advance!


Title: Therapy sessions of an almost functioning human
Author: Besma Abdallah
Ideas: so the book is a YA contemporary about a girl trying to make her way through life without taking the absurdity of existence too seriously. It deals w depression, philosophy, art. It’s heavy and humorous at the same time.
Pictures I don’t love portraits, maybe silhouettes are better
Mood or colors: Something eye-catching and original. No black
Extras: I like big fonts that are easy to read, I particularly like script (maybe like it was written by a paint brush) but it’s not mandatory. If it looks harmonious I’ll be happy
Current cover