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hi! i made of the changes you wanted. the jaguar i couldn’t change because that meant starting all over again.


sorry but denied. i’m not good at working with silhouettes.


TITLE: Of Pixies Dust and Drink Me Potions
SUBTITLE: “Happily Ever After only happens in fairytale’s”
AUTHOR: StarGliese
IDEAS: 1.) Gingersnap Alice looking annoyed, while looking at Huggy Pan. Hungry Pan on the other hand is laughing at Alice.
2.) Elizabeth (Gingersnap Alice) out of costume walking through a town, while it’s snowing.

images-6 images-5 images-2

Different font per word


hi! i made the two versions of your cover. i hope you like them!

let me know if you’ll use them :slight_smile:


sorry but denied. i don’t have inspo for something like this.


I definitely will! Thank you so much! They look spectacular. You are so talented!!!


I’m glad you liked them :slight_smile:


Title: Shadows of the past

Subtitle: What is her secret?

Author: SarahEOlivier

Ideas: Mackenzie Foy looking scared or a guy gabbing her


Mood or colors: chacantita
Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers


That looks awesome! I am definitely planning on using it when I start posting.


hi! here are your covers. i tried sticking to your ideas as much as i could, but i couldn’t find a model exactly as you wanted him. i hope you like them!

please let me know if you’ll use them!


sorry, but the thread is currently closed. your request is denied.


ok thank you


I do, thank you. :grin: And yes I think I’ll be using the one with the crown.

Edit: Could you change the username? I wrote the wrong thing it’s The_Twi1ight_Prince. Thanks :expressionless:


@aneonsky Can I have a link to your Wattpad profile so that I can follow you?

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here you go:


Thank you again, so um… what’s next? I’m still not used to this


You’re welcome! When you post your story the next step is credit, usually people just write cover by aneonsky on the summary of their story at the end.


K thanks


here is your cover! i hope you like it :slight_smile:

let me know if you’ll use it!


AUTHOR: Laura Ann Lee
IDEAS: I was hoping I could get a cover similar to my first one but different since it’s a different book. Use Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester. Have a nice PSD colouring and make it really smooth looking.
EXTRAS: Thanks c: Could I get a matching banner with the words "Thank you for reading “Hide”