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Elowen’s Yellow Cloth by creakysmirk. It’s very underrated.c:


here is your request. i hope you like it! :slight_smile:

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WOW! I’m in love here. Thank you so much.


I’m glad you liked them. I loved making them :smile:



TITLE: Supernatural Imagines

SUBTITLE: And Preferences

AUTHOR: Laura Ann Lee

IDEAS: I was thinking the cover could be something along the lines of having four boxes; in each of the four boxes, have Castiel aka Misha Collins, Sam aka Jared Padalecki , Dean aka Jensen Ackles, and Lucifer aka Mark Pellgrino. Or the cover could be something with all three characters; Sam, Dean, and Castiel. It’s an imagine book.



EXTRAS: Thanks c: Also, Is there another payment I could do? I don’t know many underrated stories since I mostly just write.


TITLE: Darkling Darling
SUBTITLE: All Hail the Queen
AUTHOR: Darling
IDEAS: The picture below is the model! Could you perhaps edit her brows somehow ?? They’re horrendous ! And then I was thinking having bright red or black lipstick, and maybe blood dripping or smeared across?
MOOD OR COLORS: cover inspo color and theme wise
EXTRAS: I would also love it if she could be wearing a silver crown!


Oh I totally missed this, thank you so much for accepting. I just finished the payment. And about the eyes, no preference, whatever works best. I’m so glad someone is willing to do it. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely be using it. Thank you


@shewroteinblack accepted! i’ll do this one free :slight_smile:

@DarklingDarling sorry but denied. i don’t think i can do it justice.


Thank you so much <3


TITLE: class is in session
AUTHOR: lgbt_killjoys
IDEAS: I was thinking of having jack barakat next to some lockers or in a school hallway or in a school library or just have some random guy with short hair at a desk looking down
MOOD OR COLOURS: romantic, soft
EXTRAS: could you possibly do a banner to with “thank you for reading class is in session” on it


here is your cover! i hope you like it :slight_smile:

let me know if you’ll use it


accepted! please complete payment.


I already did the payment awhile ago since I’ve requested before


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TITLE: The Red Ribbon


AUTHOR: RavensOfOld

IDEAS: I’d like a font-based cover with the title large and a long red ribbon twirling around some of the letters, almost like twigs. It’s a simple design. If the red ribbon can’t twirl around the letters, having it behind swirling in the background just like you did in the banner below is fine as well. The glittery aspect of the banner was also nice, so feel free to add that as well. But feel free to roam and use the banner as reference!

This was a banner that you made for me that I really liked and I want the cover to have a similar vibe/color scheme as this banner.

MOOD OR COLORS: Red and black (darkish background is fine). I think the reference picture should give you an idea of the vibe.

EXTRAS: None. Thank you!


Maybe court of dandelions by southpuffle (I think this means I completed the payment)


TITLE: Torrents of Rain
AUTHOR: Angel Durham
IDEAS: I found this cover a while back and had to dig through some replies after searching for key words I remembered, but something similar to this


Only…not so bright
MOOD OR COLORS: Gentle, even though the story will be anything but that, rain is gentle, and in the story it will be important, rain has to be on the cover, and it all takes place in a large city, also, you can watch the opening credits for the Resident Evil 2 to get some inspo for a dark story like this

I swear, I was not really inspired by the opening of this game, Diablo III inspired me with it’s music and something I was reading and the cover of a book I got for Christmas I keep looking at, they were all soothing, which made me think of rain, which led to Torrents of Rain floating through my mind, which I wrote in a google doc and I knew it would have a city, which made me think of another WIP of mine, combined with zombies suddenly springing up…yeah. I am now rambling.


here is your cover! i hope you like it :grin: