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would you like the cover to have the same font as the banner?

@PellinorLover2314 sorry, denied. don’t have inspo for it.


So perfect! Thank you!


It’s perfect, thank you. :slight_smile:


TITLE: Siberian Wolf
AUTHOR: Saint Caliendo
IDEAS: I like your Alpha Call cover! I’d like something that looks like that.

These are the previous covers I’ve used: Wattpad

My face claim is Lasse Matberg

MOOD OR COLORS: I like blues and reds.





TITLE: If I Fall
SUBTITLE: no subtitle
AUTHOR: Genevieve Hope
IDEAS: I was thinking of having a very romantic cover. There are specific celebs (Phoebe Tonkin and Ian Somberhalder), so the only requirement is that we can’t see the specific identity of the people on the cover unless you use the specific celebs. They just both need to have dark hair.

MOOD OR COLORS: The mood is light and romantic.
EXTRAS: Thank you!


It doesn’t have to be the same exact font, but it totally can be. :blush: Here’s two undiscovered books I recommend: “I Never Imagined” by @SVTSwrites and “Love Me on Valentine’s Day” by @booksandsage


TITLE: City of Sankori
SUBTITLE: the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul set on fire
AUTHOR: Tabrea gilbert
IDEAS: really like the dusk stars cover but I want the girl to have red eyes and maybe a fire or red background something dark maybe a wolf howling or a city behind her
Summary: (I’m horrible at giving ideas so maybe a summary will help.)

Reyna Parish is a 19-year-old girl in love with her boyfriend Will but it is the year 2088 where the supernatural have taken over vampires, werewolves, and witches roam the world freely and disregard humanity keeping them at the lowest of the low on the other side of the border they are poor starving and under control of the one supernatural man nobody dares to take down he is the Alpha king women and children bend to his will and nobody dares defy him. He has had humans and his own pack members put to death. all Reyna wants to do is escape to the land of the ever with her boyfriend and their son, it is a rumored place were the supernatural don’t rule and humans roam free like the old days, After preparing to run away she runs into the alpha king Soon realizing that she is the mate of this cruel alpha but she has rejected him and refused him spit in his face and defied him she will do anything for humanity except mate with the one man that caused their downfall. Ronan is cruel and unfair he will take the things he wants by force even if it means torturing the one person he is supposed to love


  • that one is my favorite
  • this is the one I most want something similar too

Got Inspired and I most def love this one

MOOD OR COLORS: a dark mysterious feel maybe with some reds and blacks
EXTRAS: your covers give me chills it would be an honor to have you make mine


TITLE: The First of Her Name
IDEAS: I like the aura of your Deviant Shadows and Dark Bloom cover! I’d like something similar to that. :slight_smile: I mostly want it to be dark, mysterious. Kind of like a Game of Thrones type of vibe? I also would like it if you don’t show the faces? Side view is okay but back view would be perfect. I also would like a moon somewhere? If it doesn’t work with the cover, you don’t have to add it.
Colors: Blood red, black, gray.

You can use these images if you’d like: (But you still have creative freedom on what to use or if you have any other pictures that you think is better and easier for you, then go ahead and use that)
For the girl model:






Covers that I used before:

Honestly, even if you don’t accept this, I still love you. You’re absolutely one of my favorite graphic designer on the community. I love watching this thread just because I’m curious on how you’ll edit what they requested and I’m blown away each time. Okay, sorry, back to fangirling!

PS: I know I have a lot of suggested material you’d use but I wanted to be fully prepare before I asked you. I didn’t want you to have a hard time.


@saintc Accepted! please complete payment :slight_smile:

@eauline sorry but denied.

@SpaCed-0ut accepted! please complete payment
you want the girl to have a specific hair color?

@NoobGee accepted! i’ll do yours for free because you’re part of the werewolf club pack :slight_smile:


I’m thinking brown hair thank you so much


Awww you sweetheart! I’m so glad you would recommend my book! Love you! :smiley:


here is your request. i hope you like it! :slight_smile:

let me know if you’ll use them!


Their amazing, I’ll be using them and thank you for making them.


Aww you’re very welcome! Love you too! :heart:


hi! here is your cover. i hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Holy sjjdjdhfjdj it’s soooooo beautiful! And such a quick delivery! Thank you so much! :blush::heart::heart:


awwwe. Thank you <3


It’s so pretty T_T


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