still life || custom & premade || open



here is your cover. i hope you like it :slight_smile:
please remember to let me know if you’ll use it.


I’m actually shook so shook


Like beyond shook shook shook shook


It was a fun project to make! I’m glad you like it :heart:


lmafo the city of Sankori with our most dangerous supernaturals thanks you!


The plot of the book looks really interesting. I would love it if you let me know when you post it :slight_smile:


hi! here is your cover. i hope you like it!


oh I will :stuck_out_tongue: it’ll be a while though as I am the queen of procrastination


Payment done!


hi! here is your cover. i made it with and without the snowy effect. i hope you like it :slight_smile:

let me know if you’ll use it!


Ahhhj thank you so much! I’ll most definitely be using it.




TITLE: taming the playboy
AUTHOR: imtotallynotokay
IDEAS: I was thinking of having Steve Rogers/ captain America (Chris Evans) on the cover with maybe him with his beard but doesn’t have to be he just needs to look in charge. Maybe have Tony Stark/ iron man (Robert Downey jr.) in the background either drinking or with his head in his hands. For the background either in the avengers tower or in the snow or somewhere in New York.

image image image
EXTRAS: maybe have the title in one of these 3 colours red, white, blue


sorry but denied. i tried it but i have no inspo for it.


That’s okay thanks for trying



TITLE: Breaking Black
AUTHOR: Taylor Hallon
IDEAS: An FBI agent standing with his back to the reader and a phone to his ear. A sillouhette of an agent. A gun, blood splatter. Handcuffs. You don’t have to include all of this, but these are just ideas. I want something simple, and not to complicated or manipulated.

The following is a link to my current cover which I do like, but it needs some fixes.

MOOD OR COLORS: Black, Red, White. Crime, suspenseful, dark, and thrilling.
EXTRAS: I got a little carried away with inspiration pictures lol I have a picture of what I want in my head and I’m just hoping someone can help me create it! Thanks I’m advance if you accept, but if you don’t feel like you can do it that’s fine too! (:


denied, sorry but I’m terrible at working with silhouettes and vectors.


TITLE: King’s Whisper
AUTHOR: CCXIIV (Wattpad Author CCXIIV if it looks better)
IDEAS: Ravens! I like the cover I have now, but I made it basically as a temporary cover until I could get a chapter up.
PICTURES:I have a whole pintrest board of images and inspiration
MOOD OR COLORS: I would like it to be dark and stick with blues and golds!
EXTRAS: I’d like to stay away from humans on the cover. Maybe just a raven or one of those nice typography covers? I want to give you as much freedom with it as possible because I love your work so far! <3


hey is the premade ‘flight’ taken?


@CCXIIV accepted! please complete payment :slight_smile:

@kissesandtells it’s available. if you want it just let me know the title and author’s name :grin: