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TITLE: Victim


AUTHOR: Ash Stepp

IDEAS: The Text should be in Cursive. The text should also be blood red. There should be blood in the background. The bckground should be a mix of black and grey. If you can’t use the pictures I provided, Zac should be smiling or smirking and Victoria Justice should be frowning and look upset.


MOOD OR COLORS: Dark Colours:

EXTRAS: Here is payment: Shadows on the Wall by shad20t


Sorry but denied.


It’s alright


Yeah that’d be awesome!

Happy Place by kissesandtells :cherry_blossom: thank u!! xx



Title: Until the End


Author: Allie and Emma

Ideas: I’d like two guys on the cover, both looking alike, blonde hair or light brown. Not too friendly. Their face claims are Liam Hemsworth and Austin Butler but you don’t have to use them. I like the cover you made Burn Away, but a lighter feel. Although there’s a lot of drama the story ultimately has a happy ending.

Pictures: Maybe something like this:

Mood or colors: Neutral colors, nothing super bright, light, happy

Extras: Thanks in advance!


TITLE: Single fathers club
AUTHOR: imtotallynotokay
IDEAS: I was thinking of having harry styles with his long hair along with a little girl with long brown hair on the cover. Maybe with a school in the background.

image image image


TITLE: Litany
IDEAS: Saoirse Ronan is the main face claim. I would like her (with blonde hair) to be in the middle of the cover, with a neutral expression of her face. Beside her, could you place James McAvoy, also with a neutral expression of his face. If that’s too many people just Saoirse would be fine. This is a pretty dark cover so the colour scheme should be a mixture of dark colours such as black, gray, dark blues, etc. In the background, there could be a forest (or just have the face claims be surrounded by greenery/trees) and if you could please add some blood splatters around the cover that would be great (if that doesnt work its fine too).
PICTURES: Here’s some inspo:,h_1118,q_70,strp/banshee__wattpad_cover_by_larriereligion_dbsbwqy-pre.jpg
MOOD OR COLORS: dark, mysterious mood, and the colour scheme is mentioned in the ideas section ahaha
EXTRAS: thanks if you accept!


TITLE: Jungle Lady
AUTHOR: Tamia Daneille
IDEAS: so i want a black girl in the cover, like front and center, unsmiling, with a neutral expression on her face (if she’s wearing a dress, that would be awesome, and i’d like if her hair was natural). i’d like jungle life around her, hence the title, with like plants and flowers and such.
PICTURES: looking for some atm
MOOD OR COLORS: green, gold, white, pink, and red
EXTRAS: i hope you accept! your covers are lovely. thank youuu :kissing_heart:


Hi. Just a question… can I still request a banner?


@kissesandtells please complete payment :slight_smile:

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here is your cover! i hope you like it :slight_smile:


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I love it! Thank you so much!


here is your cover. i wasn’t sure if your wanted something simple or not so I made two versions. i hope you like them :slight_smile:


I’m just going to do the payment even though you haven’t decided yet.

I lived by stylxesgrunge


Hi there I really like your covers they are so amazing.


Title=Midnight flowers
Ideas= I would like a girl with long black hair and dark blue eyes wearing a white frock, like the girl in the book cover the king’s cursed bride. I like the girl enlarged like in that cover. I want the background of a forest at night time and can you include some white roses/white peonies/white camellias near the girl and small white butterflies? And you can try the cover like fire with fire as well.
Mood/color=dark blue and black like in the cursed bride.
Fantasy, love,and mystery
Extras= I119081343-352-k112095 12997592 f possible, can you include a shadow hunter rune only on her neck or hand because this is a fan fiction for the mortal instruments series. It would be cool if you could.
Your book covers are amazing and I hope that you will do my book cover. And I wish you luck on your future.Bye.