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Hi there, you made a cover for me a while ago and I was wondering if you keep them? (I made a name change and I was wondering if you were willing to change the authors name, I would love to continue using the cover). :blush:


TITLE: Morning Star
AUTHOR: S. Skinner
IDEAS: I really like the premade you had for “Battle of crowns.” Something a bit more simple with an emphasis on the cover and maybe like wings or feathers incorporated into the design. If this is too vague, I can explain more.
MOOD OR COLORS: dark blues and purples, some golds
EXTRAS: thank you so much :slight_smile:


TITLE: the prince
AUTHOR: imtotallynotokay
IDEAS: I was thinking of having a knight with his face not showing either kneeling, standing or on a horse. For the background I was thinking of a forest or a castle (with perhaps a lake).
MOOD OR COLOURS: lighthearted, romantic


@darvruni I’m sorry but I don’t keep the files once the cover is picked up.

@simba-aa could you explain more? Maybe show me some examples of what you’re looking for?

@imtotallynotokay ACCEPTED :slight_smile:


Dangerous by larry_lashton (I already do everything else so this is my payment)


TITLE: A Treachery of Ravens
AUTHOR: Salem Keating
IDEAS: this , this , this , this for ideas and inspiration. I also really like how this has a feather as a focal point. What I’m looking for on the cover is a focus on black feathers. Or feather, singular. Either works.
PICTURES: This picture and this is provided for inspo and colors that I’m looking for, and does not need to be used.
MOOD OR COLORS: Blacks, with dark blue and/or green highlights. The mood is dark and, well, treacherous. A modern fantasy story with adventure and magic set in a present-day setting.
EXTRAS: Your work is absolutely gorgeous! Let me know if you’d prefer the links to be just outright images so I can edit this post. Thanks!


No worries. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:


TITLE: the russian doll
AUTHOR: zeinah omar
IDEAS: nina dobrev on the cover , the title in white but outlined in red and blue maybe , behind the model some russian dolls and maybe some cards with aces and queens on them and you can have blood dripping somewhere if you can
MOOD OR COLORS: red, black , white , blue
EXTRAS: thanks


@salemkeating accepted! the links are fine, don’t worry :slight_smile:

@darvruni I could remake it if you want?

@lucifersbible denied


I mean if you would that would be wonderful. I really do love what you created, but only if that’s okay with you. :blush:

it's not a problem, but i would need you to fill the form again. just so i can keep track of requests.


Of course, thank you so much. :cherry_blossom:

Let me know about payment. I already follow you and added your book, so I’m not sure. :blush:

don't worry about payment. i'll do this free.


Thank you in advance. This book is not posted, but will be as soon as I get a cover :smile:


Cover or banner: Cover
Title: The Great Game
Subtitle: A Novel
Author: Sam Murphy
Ideas: I really don’t have anything
Mood or colors: Serious/dark blue, grey
The story is completed


TITLE: Yellow Light
AUTHOR: Nikayla Hurlbert
IDEAS: I’m thinking something that has to do with the color yellow light a traffic light with the yellow glowing more clearer than the rest of the colors, yellow flowers, yellow background with the title splashed across the front or something that has to do with a girl looking straight at the camera or a couple reaching for each other somehow.
PICTURES: / / / / / / / / / /
MOOD OR COLORS: Yellow, white, light browns, light blues/royal blue, light oranges, light red - hopeful, nostalgic, enlightened, thoughtful
EXTRAS: Thank you if you accept (: & Also, if you accept and you want to use other images or anything like that, please feel free to do so. I’m all about artist creativity and freedom!


Are you sure? Thank you so much. :cherry_blossom:


@KateAnnee accepted! please complete payment.

@sammurphy3 sorry but denied.

@floralyouths accepted! please complete payment :slight_smile:

@darvruni i’m sure :slight_smile:


Hello. Thank you for accepting! I followed you and I would recommend “Through His Eyes”. I’m more of a teen fiction romance type but I saw on your profile that you like fantasy types and this story is semi-popular but it’s about a girl seeing her roommate during blackout flashes so she’s born into this family where they can see snippets of their soulmate.


here is your cover. i hope you like it :slight_smile: