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here is your cover. i hope you like it. let me know if you’ll use it.


It looks great thank you


Thank you!!! Its gorgeous and i love it!!! I will be using it.


here is your cover. is a little different from the last one but i hope you’ll like it.


hi! here is your cover. i hope you like it.

let me know if you’ll use it :slight_smile:


BANNER (2 character banners)
TITLE: Every Last Regret (don’t include on banner)
SUBTITLE: (1) Brenna (2) Wyatt
AUTHOR: Allie Dawn (don’t include on banner)
Brenna: faceclaim is sabrina carpenter, the story is about her being in the foster system, maybe a gate behind her
Wyatt: faceclaim is caleb ruminer (same as brenna’s but with his name and faceclaim)
MOOD OR COLORS: light, not overly happy
EXTRAS: Thanks in advance!


hi! i ended up making two different versions. i hope you like them :slight_smile:

let me know if you’ll use them


denied. sorry.


It looks great, thanks so much. I really appreciate it. :blush:


is there any chance you also do aesthetics or moodboards? xx


Title: FLOCK
Subtitle: don’t fear the dark, fear what lurk within
Author: Ren Calhoun
Ideas: Okay, so for my ideas I would love a black background with an evil male face appearing from the shadows, or a picture of a male silhouette with a bunch of black birds swarming him, or a picture of a male silhouette with shadows around him.
Mood or colors: greys, blacks, reds. mood is dark, sense it’s a paranormal thriller and a demon is killing people… xD
Extras: None that I know of, thanks! :slight_smile:


Accepted! please complete payment :slight_smile:
and I do moodboards and picspams/aesthetics, they look something like this:


accepted :slight_smile: please complete payment.


cool perfect and i have done payment x


can i have a form for the aesthetics x


So I can do any of the payments, right?
Can I suggest a undiscovered book for you to read that’s really good?


Title: Undying Love
Subtitle: n/a
Author: M.C. Kapo
Ideas: So, the story is a tragic romance between the reincarnations of Life and Death (Evelyn and Keiran). I would like some contrast between the two entities (as shown below, I like the brightness of Life, and the darker for Death) but not too dark, because it is a romance. A nice contrast though.
Mood or colors: bright, happy, blues/greens/pinks/purples


Grid: 6
Color Aesthetic: beige, champagne and pale reds
Faceclaim: none

Pictures: think like breakfast light and warm lacy lingerie and waffles something like that
these are just examples feel free to find others>
About the character: El is a sweet lil’dumping She is struggling to make ends meet. Her flatmate is getting on her nerves and she wants to start her life. Her life being food. El wants to be a real chef. She is a fantastic cook. She understands every flavour, sugar, spice and herb. What she does understand is sex. Food is sex. So, when she is given a waitressing job at one of the best restaurants in town, she jumps at the chance to work her way up til Vince Carter teaches how to really cook.
Text: El Daniels


Grid: 6
Color Aesthetic: champagne and richer reds and purples and blacks
Faceclaim: none
Pictures: think like darker version of el so dinner champagne suits that sort of thing
About the character: Vince Carter, head chef, player and the bad boy stuck in his own darkness. He is obsessed with himself and food. He has everything he wants; money, women and the finest food. But he craves more he craves the light and the passion. El is just what he needs.
Text: Vince Carter


TITLE: The Healer
SUBTITLE: the only blood on her hands was her own
AUTHOR: yamamsahoe
IDEAS: a photo of a girl running in a forest with a strok of paint running across her eyes. Title should be in big bold letters and could be either cursive or straight.
PICTURES: KA6YMFd0yUv7JG51Qxw7_1082120021


MOOD OR COLORS: it should be gloomy and mysterious. Something along the lines of blue purple and green.
EXTRAS: no thanks sis :wink: