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@melodiccnightowl you can do any of the three payments.

@MCKapo denied. sorry.

@milkandalittlehoney let me see how I do with finding images for this before I accept or deny.

@yamamsahoe accepted. please complete payment :slight_smile:


Okay do you just want the title and the username with it? It’s not allowed to post links on here, right?


The title and username is fine. But I think we can post links as long as it’s not to our own works.


Ooo okay I wanted to make sure cause I don’t want to break any rules with the links xD


Also another question, what is undiscovered to you? Like how many reads does it need to be under?


For me, undiscovered works are those with 5k and under. It’s super subjective but I feel like authors with less than 5k are the ones that struggle the most to gain readership.


Okay I wanted to make sure before I posted the link! This one is really good.


It’s fantasy! Those are my favorite. Thank you :slight_smile:


You are very welcome and if you like fantasy I am sure you’ll enjoy this one!


COVER (not sure how to add a checkmark to the cover box)
TITLE: Thirty-One Letters
AUTHOR: DelaneyBrenna
IDEAS: Water/beach is a big theme in the book and so are the letters. If either of those could be incorporated that would be great. The main characters are a blonde-haired girl and a dark-haired guy. I don’t mind having people on the cover but I ask that if you do use people not to use celebrities
PICTURES: This is the current cover

I’m looking for something with a similar theme but a little bit more eye catching (I’m also open to other ideas that you may have as well!)


ok thats fine x


here is your banner. i hope you like it :slight_smile:


your request is accepted. please complete payment.


here is your cover. i hope you like it. please let me know if you’ll use it :slight_smile:


Payment completed!


Thanks for accepting! I just completed the payment :slight_smile:

PS Beginning this Monday evening, I will be away from Wattpad for 2 weeks and unable to check back to this. If the cover is not completed by then I will come back and check the thread once I return so no real rush to get it done!


Thank you!


this is perfect thank you so much x


Just hardcore creeped on your thread :joy: Your graphics are bomb <3


I will use it, thank you so much and I am sorry for the late response! It’s been a busy.