still life || custom & premade || open

Thank you :heart:

I’m glad you liked it :blush:

sorry but denied. i couldn’t find pictures for this.

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here is your cover. i hope you like it

please let me know if you’ll use it

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here is your cover. please let me know if you’ll use it :slight_smile:

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sorry but denied. i’m not making graphics with celebrities anymore.

i came up with this for the first board. let me know if you like it and if you do i’ll work on the second one.

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Cover Banner
Title: Ashes
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Alex Dillon
Ideas: maybe an angel with black wings
Pictures: you can choose
Mood or colors: Gray and blue
Extras: Magic font

i love it but could you darken it up just a little bit and change the blonde hair girl to a brunette xx

Cover Form
Title: Eternal Ties
Subtile: Desire and power collide
Author: Xzandria Beard
Mood or color: Gold and blue, mysterious,alluring
Extras: Magic font but if you find a different one that would work that is fine

I absolutely love it! Thank you so much! Definitely using it :smiley:

Title: Sunday’s Rain
Subtitle: n/a
Author: Janie B. Winston
Ideas: Emily Browning and Garrett Hedlund, placed inside a rich looking household (its supposed to take place in the 20s)
Picture: n/a
Mood or colours: Serious tone but romantic with neutral colours
Extras: Nope! Unless you need more ideas!

Can I request two banners at once?

Thank you!!!

TITLE: Knight’s Academy
SUBTITLE: what happens when two worlds collide?
AUTHOR: fleur
IDEAS: this is a teenfiction book so i really like those light-hearted teenfic manip covers! characters are salice rose (if you can’t find nice pictures of her, you can just choose anyone with red hair haha) and froy. basically, the girl is a troublemaker and the guy is a rich guy’s son who does very well in school. can add in icons like a crown near the guy and question marks near the girl. i would really like to bring out the girl’s mischievous nature. as for the guy, i want him to look slightly aloof haha.
MOOD OR COLORS: light-hearted, romantic. colours i was thinking blue (both dark and light) and white.

@aneonsky Is your premade “Prince Of Smoke” or “Dusk Star” still available?

lmk if there’s anything i can help with :slight_smile:

TITLE: Sunday’s Rain
AUTHOR: Janie B. Winston
IDEAS: Emily Browning and Garrett Hedlund with a garden background or inside a rich looking 1940s style house?
PICTURES: I love this picture of Emily, the one of Garrett too but it’s probably too dark?

MOOD OR COLORS: Neutral and bright colours, somber, romantic mood
EXTRAS: nope that’s it :slight_smile: thank you so much for your time!!

Heyy are your premades still available?


- so uh, you said that you might make other graphics? yeah so, i need a thumbnail and it is kinda like a banner. i would understand if you denied my request lmao, i just couldn’t find a shop willing to make me one. the size of the thumbnail is supposed to be 1280x720.

title: hela

subtitle: you should see me in a crown

author: n/a

ideas: i should tell you that this is for my hela [from thor ragnarok] fan video. i couldn’t really find any shops which made youtube thumnails and i really love your graphics aaaa. its a video about hela, the goddess of death with the song ‘you should see me in a crown’ by billie ellish.
i would appreciate it if you make manip or semi-manip. i would like it if you used old gothic fonts like quinn and others you can find here for the title. the subtitle can be simple like arial, raleway, century gothic etc. thank you!

pictures: i would really like it if you incorporated either this or this in the banner? with her on a side and the title on another side of her or something like that.

mood or colors: kinda evil and sinister? i need a rather dark thumbnail (not too dark) so feel free to use darker shades like deep greens, blacks and navy blues? i don’t really have a fixed colour palette in my mind.

extras: your graphics are absolutely gorgeous! i would understand if you refused to make it, no worries. hmu if you need anything for me to add to it.

Are you open